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I change for a Change and I dont change for that change


Don't be surprised why I am writing separately about vegetarianism by giving a separate link. You must be even feeling this guy Ketan is a Christian and how come he is writing solely on vegetarianism instead he should be writing something on hardcore non veg.

I am not a pure vegetarian but I would call myself a Lacto-vegetarian (A person who eats dairy products but excludes egg and meat).I could have even shun dairy products but it is highly difficult in the present situation.

I was a hardcore non-veg eater till my 11th standard. You should ask my friends or loved ones how I used to hog on non-veg foods especially chicken. I used to have almost every day two eggs either boiled or fried. I have almost tried all the non veg foods which a normal Indian can have i.e. chicken, goat meat (including solidified blood), cow meat, fish (almost all types like prawn etc), crab. I never shared my non veg dish with anyone. Such a big fan I was of non veg food.

But now I don't even touch non veg food. All these happened one fine day in the second half of year 2000(I don't remember the month and date).I was inspired by a very big personality. I was reading his book and I was inspired to shun non veg and start eating only vegetarian diet.

There are many advantages of being a vegetarian. The food which you eat digests very fast and many more. For me personally getting converted to vegetarian from a non vegetarian was like a challenge. All my friends and loved ones are very fond of non veg food and to be with them and to continue practicing vegetarianism was something which I felt is difficult. Till now I was successful in practising vegetarianism hope I will continue with the same.

Try to convert yourself to a vegetarian as you will only enjoy being in a vegetarian diet. Let the animals enjoy their life. Why to disturb them unnecessarily. Live and let live should be the mantra.

Some famous vegetarian
Abdul Kalam (Being a Muslim he follows vegetarianism),
Brad Pitt,
John Abraham,
Kareena Kapoor,
Celina Jaitley, and many more to name