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A Perfect Century

02 Nov 2015 23:15:00

Century it is. I am still not able to believe that I am sitting in front of my computer visualizing and blogging about the 10 km X 100 days experience which passed by today. Today is certainly special and the past 100 days were equally special. To be specific I ran a minimum distance of 10km from last 100 days everyday without break. That may not be a very big thing for some serious daily runners. But it is a big thing for a small runner like me.

Some statistics from past 100 days
Minimum Distance : 10 km
Maximum Distance : 21.14 km
Fastest 10 km at : 01:08:57 at pace 6min 53secs
Slowest 10 km at : 01:38:21 at pace 9min 48secs

Some places where I ran
1) Basaveshwaranagar
2) VijayNagar
3) Ambedkar Stadium
4) Cubbon Park
5) Kanteerva Stadium
6) Bangalore University
7) Lal bagh
8) Shivaji Park
9) Worli sea face

It has been a splendid journey till now.I had my own share of hardships and teary moments during this journey. Each and every day was challenging in its own way but some days stood apart from the other. One such day was when I was down with boredom of getting up early with severe pain in legs, still I dragged myself up and went to run at 7:50 in a sunny morning. I have seen days when the motivation level was nil due to less sleep last night but still in the end I pulled a straw of motivation from within and completed the 10 km. There were even days when I had to travel to Mumbai for personal work, I squeezed a 10 km near my home.

These 100 days were mixed with many emotions and feelings. Pain was inevitable and it used to crop up at unusual places in the body, but it used to subdue during or after the run. Was my body wanting to run the road and enjoy or was that my perception to handle pain. I never compromised running in the morning in last 100 days. If by chance I had missed a run in the morning I wouldnt be sitting here and bragging about myself. What I believed was get out of the home in the morning before the grind of daily work crushes you and makes you tired till evening. I would like to appreciate people who are able to run in the evening even after a tiring day.

To be more accurate and to make sure the distance and time was calculated properly I used Garmin Forerunner 220 given by a close friend Pravin. It is a GPS watch and it is fairly accurate in measuring the distance and time. To make this 100 days a memorable journey I used to take a selfie photo of mine, garmin watch photo and my friends photo if they joined me for the run. All the picture was properly made into a collage for that day and it was shared to Passionate Runners Rajaji Nagar Whats app group. Later I joined Team Miles Ahead and even I shared that picture with them. The appreciation which I received from the runners in the group also kept me motivated. I sometimes thought what others might be thinking about me sharing my picture everyday on the group. But that thought didnt deter me in posting the pictures.

I would like to thank all friends who were encouraging and motivating . Even I would like to thank my colleagues who sometimes would accompany me for the run. Vikas,Ajit and Chohan were quite regular during my journey of this past 100 days. Thank you Pravin for the garmin forerunner 220 watch. Thank you Dinesh the garmin man for the Tshirt. Thank you Hazel my Goqii coach.

Question and Answer:
What is the proof that you have run all 100 days minimum distance of 10 km?
Proof is I used Garmin forerunner 220 watch to track the distance and time. The gramin logs are here. And my website log is here. You can even see the pictures which I had taken post run can be seen in the link given here.

How are you feeling?
I am feeling awesome and top of the world. At the same time I am also tired. Running 10k for 100 consecutuve days still gives me goosebumps.

When and how did you start ?
It all started on July 26 2015 with a 10km .Then 1 day got converted to a week and then 10 days. Then I had a small vision to finish 10 at a time and try to make it to 50. But somehow I managed to reach 100. I enjoyed the journey of distance and clocking it everyday , may be that was one among many reasons which kept me going.

Did you lose any weight?
I lost 11 kgs in past 100 days.

Did you follow any specific food habits?
I preferred not to eact heavy after 8 pm.

What next ?
If I am able to run tomorrow I would be more than happy.

Any specific targets?
To run 10ks consistently in sub 60. That would be tough. But you never know what is there in store.

How you avoid injury or pain?
I would like to thank Kalpesh for his timely tips and advice about stretches. Stretches are essential for running. If you want to remain injury free I would suggest do stretches pre and post workouts. You cannot avoid pain. Pain will come but you should know how to deal with it. I used to apply iodex in painful areas

How did you celebrate the 100th day?
The celebration started on the 99 days itself. Many of my running buddies had come to wish and congratulate me on this small achievement. I am grateful to everyone for this. Thank you guys.

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Moral Awesome journey till now.

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Mihir Kiri Says:
03 Nov 2015 at 03:45:48
Excellent !
Ketan Says:
03 Nov 2015 at 04:48:25
Thank you mihir
Vnit C Says:
03 Nov 2015 at 06:34:26
Superb!! Congrats for the century, Ketan!! Keep it up, You are an inspiration to many.
Sreedhara Says:
03 Nov 2015 at 08:19:35
Congrats Ketan
Superb K'Ton, all the best for your Double Ton
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