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Two feet To Fly

26 Sep 2015 21:12:00

Amazing documentary about 6 runners who are totally varied in their work their physical appearance and what they went through their life. I will not write everything about the documentary and the runners. I just leave it to the audience to watch and get inspired. But the documentary will clearly point out what running can make or create out of you. Please watch this documentary to get inspiration and motivation. Kudos to all the runners and a big salute to them.

Sayuri Dalvi : A woman who is epitome of strength
Nandita Chakraborthy : Fighter to the core
Vishwanathan Jayaraman : Barefoot running Gandhi
Jagadeeshan Kumar : A dreamer who dreams and works on that
Raghavendra Satish Peri : A person who doesnt believe in his disability
Harishankar Krishnaswamy : Man who runs and makes others run

Some snap shot which I took while watching the movie

Sayuri Dalvi
Sayuri Dalvi

Nandita Chakraborty
Nandita Chakraborty

Vishwanathan Jayaram
Vishwanathan Jayaraman

Jagadeeshan Kumar
Jagadeeshan Kumar

Raghavendra Satish Peri
Raghavendra Satish Peri

Harishankar Krishnaswamy
Harishankar Krishnaswamy

Moral Inspiring Movie

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