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Lost And Found

21 May 2015 12:58:00

Have you found anything which you lost ? (Material) . It gives you a good feeling when you find that again.
I had couple of bad experiences of losing my mobile phone in Mumbai local. Long time back even I had an experience of losing my wallet and getting it back from someone. I felt really good when I got my wallet back.

I want to share a small incident which happened couple of weeks back. As usual I had gone to Dr. Ambedkar Stadium for my morning run. After finishing the run when I was sitting in the stands I saw a phone which was lying unattended for a long  time. I looked around and 2 persons were having an eye on that. I went near the phone and asked does it belong to any one of them. The answer was no. One person left from there and told what you will do. I told I will wait and see if someone comes back to this place. I tried to switch on the phone but it didnt switch on. I understood the battery must be low. I
removed the back panel and removed the simcard to check weather it is working. The simcard was working as I was able to make call from that. And later another person also went. Now I was left alone with the phone.

I stayed there for half an hour no one came for the phone. Many thoughts came to my mind at that moment. I thought I am a  lucky guy to get a free Sony Xperia phone. I went to my home with the phone.

I kept the phone for charging. Later I felt how the owner of the phone must be feeling right now without his phone. He just didnt lose his expensive phone but the memories which it carried in it, contacts, photos, installed games etc. It must be a worst feeling to lose a phone which had many things in it.

I thought I should try to ring the last called number from the phone and track the user of the phone. When I switched on the phone I saw a small family photo which was kept as a wallpaper. Immediately after 2 minutes of the switching on a call came to the same phone. The person who was speaking on the other end was the owner of the phone. He started to explain about the phone, I told him that I got the phone on the stands of the stadium. He asked me to return the phone by coming to Pavithra Paradise. I went to the said place and saw a man who was standing with 3 friends of his. The moment I reached and I was seeing them he indicated a phone sign with his hand. I was confirmed he is the same who lost the phone. I returned the phone to him. He was on top of the world after getting his phone back and moreover the memories associated with it. He and his friends thanked me wholeheartedly.

I just felt good in doing a good deed. If my pervert mind would have overtook my good mind then I couldnt have seen happiness in someone else face.

I know what I did was not a big thing, but a good deed is a good deed however small it may be.

Moral : Losing and finding has special impact.


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