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100 Plus

24 Apr 2015 12:43:00

Now I am 100 plus. Dont be wrong I am not talking about my age but my weight. My ideal weight according to my height should be 65 to 70 Kg but now my weight is 101.2 Kg.

To make it even worse my thyroid is on a all time high. My TSH is 150 ideal should be below 5. Now with this mammoth TSH and even a high weight I am in a state of shock and fear.

I have been battling with weight loss and thyroid from more than 5 years . In year 2012 I managed to reach 70 Kgs but somehow lost the way after that.

With this weight and thyroid I need to refocus on where is the problem and what steps needs to be taken to get back on track and be healthy.

For getting healthy I have to start my exercises and my diet has to be nutritious.

The road ahead will not be a simple journey it will be full of obstacles and challenges. I need the force and motivation to keep things simple and work towards a better healthier life. Some wise men have said health is wealth.

Time only can say weather I can achieve my target of good health or I will live with the same unhealthy state of mind and body.

Keeping my fingers crossed I will start my humble journey to be healthy from today.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Moral Hoping to work better for my health

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