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Met Fit Man Milind Soman

25 Dec 2014 19:25:00
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Yahoooooo ... met the man who never gets old at least in terms of physical fitness. Presently only few people grow fitter with age and one among those gifted and hard working soul is Made In India man Milind Soman.

It was my luck that I was able to meet him. I had a small personal work in Mumbai so I had come to Mumbai. It was a last minute decision. And on 25th there was a running event in worli sea face See from the heart for visually challenged people. The man behind organising this event was Milind Soman. And I knew he would be there cheering people while running.

I geared myself at 05:30 in the morning to head towards worli sea face. I thought instead of catching a cab or going in bike I decided to run in a slow pace. It was around 7 km from my home to worli seaface. I finished my 10km run by running on worli sea face.

I reached Blue Sea hotel in worli sea face where the event was there. Met couple of running buddies like Sharmila Munj, Nagraj Balgi, Sonia Kulkarni, Aparna Bhaigankar , Purunendu Nath, Michael D souza, Devika Shetty. Thank you guys. And finally the man Milind Soman. Sharmila Munj introduced me to him. A big thanks to her. Eventhough the interaction with him was for just a couple of minutes I was highly satisfied and happy to meet him.

Milind Soman

Christmas Holiday well spent for many reasons
1. Cheered visually challenged runners during their run. I never saw someone so excited while running and these people were so excited which enthused more enthusiasm on others.
2. I was able to spend some time with my family amd relatives.
3. For a change I went to church.
4. Met some running buddies who were friends on facebook.
5. Interacted and took photo with the fit man Milind Soman

Moral : Christmas Day well spent and it was a dream come true to meet Milind Soman


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