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Eyes for you!!!

01 Dec 2004 00:00:00

My friend started mourning
She lost her eyes on a dreadful evening.
I went to her and said
" You lost your eyes
Use my eyes to see the world
Don't tell me its yours
You see more from mine."

"Blessed are your ears
Hear the flutter of Sparrows wings during flight
Listen to the songs;That it wobbles through night.
Listen to the music of the breeze
When it gently plays
As it gushes and passes through the trees."

"Blessed are your nose
Feel the freshness in the air
Which comes from every morning air
Smell the moist mud
Due to little rains flood."

"Don't see the faces or the skin
See the beauty people posses within."

"Have faith in GOD
Parents give you motivation
I'll be there to keep your heart in motion."

Her heart flooded with joy
Tears rolled on her cheeks
She said holding my hand and kissing my face
"Eyes,Heart and Life I found in you."

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Shilpa Says:
03 Jan 2010 at 22:07:08
too good... wow.. no words to describe your work../// hattsoff.. i really feel its wonderful... :-)\r\n