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I am a Marathoner

23 Jan 2014 23:19:00

Brief Summary 
Event : Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013
Date : 19 January 2014 05:40 AM
Place : CST, Mumbai
Distance : 42.2 KM
Time Taken To Run : 5Hr 54Min 45Sec  

SCMM 2014 Certificate
Finisher Certificate

P.S. Marathon done and dusted. Unbelievable.

I am a Marathoner. Yes now anyone can call me a Marathoner, I completed my First Marathon in Mumbai on January 19 2014. I will surely try to express when I felt in the coming post but certainly words would fall short to express what I feel inside.

The idea to run long distance was always in my mind. But I didn't had the enthusiasm to register for any of the long distance running, but SCMM had a charm in itself and I had a dream to run long distance in Mumbai roads.

I registered for the SCMM in the mid of September 2013 via a Charity Organization Khel Khel Mein by Wockhardt . But till the mid of November I was in a dilemma weather my registration was accepted or rejected. This dilemma was there in my mind as the registration amount was not deducted from my Bank account till that time.

It is always said something which is dear to you and to get it you need to work for it like anything. Even I did the same. Just after registering the event I even registered for couple of more long distance events in Bangalore like Bangalore Ultra, Midnight Marathon . I successfully completed these events but I didnt touch any distance of more than 25KM till date. All the long distance runners always say, before attempting a Marathon one should have at least a 30KM under their belt during the training.

I ate everything whatever I can lay my hands on, except oily foods. Chapatis, Rice, Dals, Pulses, Green vegetables, Fruits, Green Tea. I never compromised in eating. I knew these good eating will surely help me in my running. I never cared of my weight increase. But I cared of what I ate.

I found lots of training plans over internet. But I never followed any specific training plan. May be I should have followed at least one training plan for my first Marathon. If I would have done that I would have surely improved my timing by some minutes. But I stuck to my daily running of minimum 2-3 KM everyday. And some long distance of 10K - 20K once in a week from last 2 months. Was that enough or should there be more I didnt knew. But somewhere in the back of my mind I felt I would surely complete. I needed this slight confidence before starting the race and during the training runs.

This is very important during the training or during the run. Never doubt about your potential. Even though I never ran a customary 30K before attempting my marathon. I believed that I can do it. To increase my positive mindset I used to watch lot of inspirational videos, read inspiration talks by runners, read running books. Think about crossing the finish line every now and then during the training run. I used to talk to my friends and colleagues about my Marathon attempt. Some were confident but some were not confident about my finish. I knew I need to finish the Marathon.

Pre Race
I got an official confirmation from SCMM officials that my registration is confirmed. I was very much happy to know that. Just before a week of the race I received my race kit which had the BIB, timing chip and some other stuffs. I booked my tickets from Bangalore to Mumbai two days before the event so that I can get acclimatize to the Mumbai weather. Surprisingly I found out that the timing chip was bent and it was mentioned in the instruction manual that the timing chip should not be bent or damaged. I was worried. On 18th I went to the Race Expo for the outstation runners in World Trade Center Mumbai. After verifying the timing chip I found that the chip was not damaged. I participated in the Last Lap event by SCMM where Milind Soman,Hugh Jones and couple of other event celebrities/ambassadors gave some last minute tips of the event and running.

Before the day of the event I ran a quick 5K. I just wanted to make sure that I am in a good shape for the run and can take over the giant Marathon distance.

I slept early after getting a quick leg massage from my mother and better half. I should thank them for that. It came in handy. Before sleeping I made sure I drank a glass full of green tea, three glasses of hot water. One day before the race my diet included only idli and sambar.

Race Day
Woke up early in the morning at 3:00. Even though I had kept the alarm for 3:30 my eyes opened automatically at 3:00. May be it was because of the excitement of running. Got ready by 4:00 after eating a small break fast of bread jam, banana. A good source of energy. My brother for the first time woke up immediately to drop me near the venue in CST. Walked for around 300 meters to reach the holding area. Did some stretching and warm ups to loosen some stiff muscles due to the sleep. Met Vishwanahan Jayaram the Hubli Passenger who has run 100 Marathon in year 2013. He wished me good luck and asked me to enjoy the run.

I had a plan to run with the 5:30 hour finish group of people. These group of people are known as Bus. I had a small interaction with the 5:30 hr bus leader named as Rahul Varghese. He was very cheerful and fun to hang around with. Exactly at 5:40 people started to run and everyone came to know that the race was started. I also started with the determination to run with the 5:30 hr bus till the end. But it is the marathons rule. Whatever the runner thinks it always happens something different.

Nearing 30 KM

Last Lap
Last Lap

It was one of the most positive start from all the small distance races I have run till now. I confidently ran the distance till 20KM with the 5:30 hr bus. After 20KM I started to feel the tiredness in my legs. After five minutes my pacer group of 5:30 moved way ahead and I was left behind running with the other runners who were not following any pacer groups. At 22 or 23 KM near St Michael Church I saw my motivators. These were my Brother Sailesh, Uncle Michael, Aunty Gladys, My uncles kids Darren,Lynette and Sharon. I thought of taking some pictures of them, but the energy in me was not so much and the patience to take out my phone to navigate to the camera to take a click. Just at that moment all the elite runners passed me. They were not running to finish the race but to win the race. My aunty had bought wet towel to cool me off but I didnt take it from her at that moment. I think I made a mistake. I should have taken it from her to cool me off from the hot sun. After quick good byes to my motivators I moved further slowly.

My Brother Sailesh was constantly meeting me in major check points and motivating me to push harder. During my return path in Haji Ali I met two more of my motivators my Sister Kavitha, my Brother Justin. They were all screaming to the whole of their energy go ketan go. I was about to give up while I was nearing the Haji Ali. But when I heard the cheer of all my motivators I realized if I can do a 30KM why not the rest of 12KM. I pushed myself harder from that moment. Eventhough taking every single step from now was like a huge pain and effort. Still I felt a small push from within to not give up after coming so long.

A lady from her mid 50s was running in the same pace as I was running. She introduced herself telling that her name is Pushpa. We chatted for some while during the run to keep off our concentration from running. She was a real champion. Even at that age she was running and trying to motivate almost half of her age. She said she wanted me to finish the race with her. May be she was confident about my run. The cheering during the whole of the course was awesome. The small kids standing on the road side and giving a high five, local residents bring all sorts of foods like chocolates, banana, oranges, water for the runners who are total strangers. Running a Marathon in Mumbai was an awesome experience. Being born and brought up in Mumbai I was a regular to the roads of Marathon. But I never ran in these roads except few. It was a whole lot of religious experience. On the way I saw St.Michaels Church, Sidhivinayak Temple,Haji Ali Mosque. At that moment I felt it was this feeling which unites Mumbai.

It is truly said that the Marathon starts from 30KM mark but for me Marathon started the moment I started the race. For me it was a challenge mentally and physically. It was a remarkable experience to complete my Maiden marathon in Mumbai among the best cheering people of Mumbai and wonderful motivators Michael(Uncle), Gladys(Aunty),Sailesh (Brother), Justin(Brother), Kavitha(Sister) and my Uncle Kids Andrew,Lynette and Sharon.

My target was to finish the Marathon within 6hrs and I finished it just in time in 5Hr 54Mins . It was a very slow run. But for me it was an experience of a life time. I will surely try to improve my pace in the future Marathon events. I will surely stay positive and be hopeful that I remain injury free for the upcoming events.

With Medal
With The Medal


Vote Of Thanks
Mary (Mother): Thanks for the prayers which you showered from the moment I started the race.
Catherine (Wife): Thanks for the timely massage you gave me before the race.

With Wife During Evening Dinner
With Wife During Evening Dinner

Sailesh (Brother) : Thanks for dropping me to the venue on time. And clicking some pics while I was running and motivating me in majority of the check points. It was truly remarkable.

With My Brother Sailesh After The Race
With My Brother Sailesh After The Race

Michael (Uncle) : Thanks for bringing in aunty and the kids to see me running. Even though it must have been boring but you made it in to every major check points.
Gladys (Aunty) : Thanks aunty for bringing the wet towel and raisins. Eventhough I was not able to take it from you but you made that much of effort. I will never forget that.

With My Motivators
With My Motivators
With My Motivators
With My Motivators

Justin (Brother) : Thanks brother for coming in couple of checkpoints to cheering me up and bringing even sister.
Kavitha (Sister) : Thanks sister for cheering me up. I think you must have screamed to the full to cheer me up. Being allergic to sun and with your back pain you came to cheer me up.

With My Brother Justin and Sister Kavitha
With My Brother Justin and Sister Kavitha

Andrew ,Sharon,Lynette : Thanks kids. You cheered me at every checkpoints even under the hot sun.

With My Uncle Kids
With My Uncle Kids

Thank you for motivating and cheering me at every moment. If not for you then I wouldnt have been able to finish the race.

Garmin Data

Moral : It was the most memorable run till date.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Roopesh Says:
24 Jan 2014 at 04:45:47
congrats man...
Its really unbelievable ...
Ketan Says:
25 Jan 2014 at 04:25:44
@Roopesh : Thanks man..
Hemlata Kukreja ( Says:
25 Jan 2014 at 17:59:41
Congratulations Ketan! Way to go...wish you many more marathons that too with reduced finish time goal. Would really like to know how you got into running thing. May be topic for your next blog entry :)
Ketan Says:
27 Jan 2014 at 06:17:37
@Hemlata : MAdam thanks a lot for appreciation. Yes madam surely it will be my next topic entry...
Anand Says:
30 Jan 2014 at 17:01:49
Saw the mail just now. Am speechless yar. Hats off to you. You did it man. I should have been there...
Everyone in my family have asked me to congratulate you.
Ketan Says:
04 Feb 2014 at 06:27:03
@Anand: Thanks for the appreciation
Amit Says:
15 Feb 2014 at 06:46:13
Congratulations dude.

really motivating.
mahendra Says:
18 Feb 2014 at 02:26:46
you are always motivator for others for your determination in whatever you do.
Thats what I like.
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