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Bangalore Midnight Marathon 2013 - Half Marathon

15 Dec 2013 20:15:00

Brief Summary 
Event : Bangalore Midnight Marathon 2013 - Half Marathon
Date : 15 December 2013 00:15 AM
Place : KTPO, Bangalore
Distance : 21.1 KM
Time Taken To Run : 2Hr 34Min 34Sec  

P.S. Yay with this Midnight Marathon it marked my 601 days of Running Streak.

The party began and I went to the party and partied harder. Yes it was not less than a party. I am talking about the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon. The ambience of the event was no less than a party. I participated in this event for the first time. I would have not participated in this race as it was in the midnight. But when I came to know that the brand ambassador for the event is the legendary Milkha Singh I didnt think twice before registering for the event.

Milkha Singh
Milkha Singh

The registration costed Rs.1015 including the event cost and taxes. My friend Ajit has also registered for a 10K event. Surprisingly he is participating in almost all the events. Nice to know that.

I was all prepared mentally to face the race. But to run the distance of Half Marathon during night in flood lights which I never experienced. And to run a Half Marathon after attempting the same distance 4 days back was a challenge to me and for my legs. My longest run in midnight is a 6KM which I ran long back on the New year eve of 2013.

My race was about to start at 12 midnight. But I went there at 6 to collect my racer Kit. The racer Kit contained only a timing chip and a BIB. I was quite excited about the race and was even more excited to see Milkha Singh. But I was highly disappointed to know that he wont be coming for the flag off. Later on I learned that he had come only during the launch of the event a month before.

Before the race I met my old friend Vijay who was about to participate in a 10K event. Good to see him after a long time. The race of 10K started at 10 , but actually it started at 10:20. I had to wait for another 2 hours for my event of Half Marathon to start.

Ketan Ajit before Race
Ketan Ajit before Race
Ketan Vijay before Race
Ketan Vijay before Race

It was a good experience to see other runners run and cheer for them. I cheered for the 10 K runners from the footpath.

Time was ticking and the event of Half Marathon was nearing and the excitement and tension built up in me. The announcer announced that the Half Marathon route and started the event at 0015 hrs.

I started slowly but after 300 to 400 meters I slightly increased the pace as the crowd was getting lesser and it got spread. I caught the rhythm and I knew from my pace that I was running faster than the training runs. It was good to run at a slight faster pace. At 2 KM I felt a slight pain and discomfort in the sole of my left leg. But I ignored and it was a nice decision to ignore it at that moment as it never caused me any major problems during or after the race. May be it was a momentary discomfort which indicated that I am pushing harder. I was unstoppable. My only motto of the race was to finish the distance before 3 hrs. As my fastest Half Marathon was 3hrs. And I knew I will be completing it before 3 hrs. The only way I could have done was to run at a pace which will not make me tired during the later half of the race. Because everybody says the first half may seem good but the next half is the real race which will make you or break you. I continued strong till my favourite 10K distance. And I wanted to continue like this even for the next half way of the distance.

After every 4 K I grabbed a water bottle which the volunteers gave during the race. I never stopped in any of the water stations to drink water. Instead I drank water while running and grabbed the water bottle while running. It was a different experience to run and drink water.

The route of this Half Marathon was very nice. Weather was cold. Water stations were setup after every 2 KMS for the runners. After every 4 KMS there was a small band which would play some music which would pump up the runners. And amidst all this the elite runners were not running but were flying. The elite runners include the Kenyans, our own Army Jawans and our own athletes. It was a proud feeling to run along side the elite runners or should I say elite flyers.

The pace by which I was running I had an ambitious feeling during the run that should I try to complete the run and make it a sub 2:30 Half Marathon. At the same time it even got colder. I could feel that my sweat was getting cold and in the process my body was getting cold. I was sweating so aggresively that my tshirt and pant got wet as if I took a bath. Later during the part of the race pain in my legs would show its ugly face and I used to shoo it away by slightly jumping during the run. Surprisingly it worked for me during the whole of the run. But during the moment of a race the weather, pain all seemed secondary in comparison to complete the race. At the end I ended up running a 2:34 Half Marathon. I am very much pleased and proud of my performance.

After the race slightly stretched myself. I took my finisher medal from the help desk and went to eat masala dosa. A South Indian will always remain a South Indian.

Ajit With Medal
Ajit With Medal
Ketan With Medal
Ketan With Medal
Ketan and Ajit With Medal
Ketan and Ajit With Medal

My friend Ajit waited patiently till I completed my race. Thanks to him for that. Later on we took some photographs. And came back home in his bike. The return journey was very tough as I was feeling sleepy. To avoid sleep I used to sing songs. Came back and slept like a satisfied man.

Moral : It was a satisfying run. My best performance for a Half Marathon distance.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Pravin Says:
15 Dec 2013 at 20:57:20
Awesome man.. way to go ;) Keep it up..
Ketan Says:
17 Dec 2013 at 13:21:53
Thanks a lot buddy
Thad Mcgehee Says:
29 Dec 2021 at 13:20:20
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