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Celebrated 550 Days of Running With 25 KM

25 Oct 2013 20:53:00

Its been long that I didnt write anything in this space. So this would be the right opportunity and time to express some views about the passion of mine Run.

Today is a special day in my life. Today I completed 25 KM . My longest run till date and my Running Streak has reached 550 DAYS. My Running Streak logs can be seen here. When I look back and see I feel I have come quite a long way. Feeling very happy about the same.

I would be interested to share about the run in few words here.

To run a long distance beyond 15 KM on a weekday I never did before. But today was all a different day for me. It was all planned that I would be running a 25 KM . I had to somehow run 25 KM . As I will be running the 550th day. To make the day special I had to run a special distance. I decided 25 will be a nice number as I had not attempted such distance in past running.

Some pictures which I took after the run

Ketan Run1   Ketan Run2
  Ketan Run3   Garmin Watch
Garmin Data

Firstly I told my boss that I would be coming late to work. He understood that I would be running the whole morning. So without any hesitation he nodded yes. Else I would have to run early by 4. That was slightly difficult. I am scared of dark. Kidding...

I started mentally preparing for the run the day before the run itself. Evening for dinner I skipped the dinner instead I preferred to have fruits. Fruits included banana, pomegranate and cucumber slices. I always believed before a long run I should avoid heavy food during dinner.

I got up early by 4:30 and after completing morning chores I was ready to take up the challenge. I was out of my home by 5:40. After a slight warm up and stretches I started to run. Started the Garmin and Chugged along slowly thinking which route should be taken. I decided to run in Sankey Tank. Which is about 6.5 KM from my place. Slowly and steadily I reached Sankey Tank running. Saw some familiar faces. But no one knew I was on a mission to run 25 KM. Reached Sankey Tank running and continued my run there. After my regular 10 KM I felt I should stop running as my muscles were not used to run more than that as it was my regular running distance. Somehow I convinced my leg muscles to stay motivated for a long run.

When I reached nearer to the 16 KM mark I was really fatigued and was about to stop by convincing myself that 16 KM almost 10 Mile is not a bad distance to celebrate the 550th day. The moment I reached the 16 KM I convinced my legs again to push more for atleast 20 KM. I convinced my legs like this till I reached the 25 KM mark. Then I realized I was not actually convincing my legs but I was convincing my own self to push more to run.

This run was really an eye opener for me. It was not an easy run for me. Eventhough the Bangalore weather was awesome, I slightly struggled to catch my breath. I was running in a decent speed till 15 KM mark. Then my pace dropped so drastically that I completed 25 KM run in almost 4 hrs. Now that is a very long duration. Eventually I completed the 25 KM run to celebrate my 550 days of running streak.

As soon as I completed the distance I was about to scream with joy that the longest distance of my life is completed but I controlled my emotions. Instead I stretched my hands and legs to remove any stress caused by the long run.

Moral :  Extremely Happy about Running 550 Days everyday.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Kavitha Says:
25 Oct 2013 at 17:36:23
Superrrrrrr happy for u ketu. Feel extremely jealous that u can run for sucuh longer hours & just a 5min run makes me weak. So i never run :( Keep up the good work & celebrate it with joy. Lots of love from sis.
Gunasekar Says:
25 Oct 2013 at 17:45:16
Dear Ketan,
I am really proud of you my brother. Congratulations!! and keep making records and joy in life. My best wishes..
Vipin Kumar Nambiar M.K Says:
26 Oct 2013 at 08:20:54
Accept My Salute ?My Dear Ketan Bro : What to say, no words at all to accolade you. The number of 550 days is surely a mammoth, humongous and dizzy heights. CONGRATULATIONS OF HIGHEST ORDER TO YOU buddy !!!! It is also SO SO AMAZING that you remained injury free to continue with this number. God bless and Please do take VERY VERY GOOD CARE of self now. It is awesome Ketan !!!
Srinath Says:
26 Oct 2013 at 09:18:45
Your achievement is highly noteworthy and I wish you all the best.
Hemant Aggarwal Says:
26 Oct 2013 at 09:36:25
good write up Ketan and more than that a super feat ... keep it going champ
Prajwal Kumar Says:
26 Oct 2013 at 10:16:42
Keep Running Buddy!
All the best for your future achievements :)
E.T.Sathyabalan Says:
26 Oct 2013 at 12:33:05
Awesome buddy! Great to see your achievement of continuous running of 550 days! Keep going. All the very best.
Mahesh Hegde Says:
28 Oct 2013 at 07:01:37
Congrats to you for the outstanding workout keep it up.
Ketan Says:
28 Oct 2013 at 14:34:04
Thanks all