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A Legend named Feroze Khan

28 Apr 2009 23:13:00

Feroze Khan a man who will be remembered for his charismatic onscreen presence. I am a big fan of Feroze Khan. I may have not seen many of his films but the films which had a lasting impression on me was "Khottey Sikkey"(KS),"Jaanbaaz"(J),"Yalgaar"(Y),"Qurbaani"(Q),"Dayavaan"(D)","Welcome"(W).

I can see the movie KS umpteen number of times without getting bored for even a single minute. The way Feroze Khan carried himself over the horse like a cowboy was simply amazing to watch. The song will surely be hummed whenever I feel dejected "Jeevan mein tu darna Nahin...Sir neecha kabhie karna nahin...Himmatwalon ko marna nahin..."(Yes he is still alive within us). This song couldn't have been picturised more aptly without Feroze Khan.

In the movie J the way he calls Amrish Puri "Dad". The depth of his voice, Oh my God was superb. If I forget to mention Q I would be a moron. Screen presence of Feroze Khan was so amazing that even Vinod Khanna (with due respects to him) was looking very meagre in the movie. Eventhough Feroze Khan was not having a huge role in the movie D, but still his presence itself will make people watch the movie more.

One of the evergreen dialogue of Feroze Khan "Abhi Hum Zinda hain" from the movie W suits fully for this man Feroze Khan. Yes Mr.Feroze Khan you are alive within me in the form of some astonishing movies which you have delivered to the Indian Cinema. I will surely miss a charismatic entertainer.

Moral : He is truly a legend with his unique style.You can call him Client Eastwood of Indian Cinema.

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Bonny Says:
28 Nov 2009 at 11:37:53
His Music Rocks Still ...
Diniawati Says:
27 Jul 2013 at 01:31:44
You co'ulndt pay me to ignore these posts!
Kevin Says:
29 Jul 2013 at 12:06:15
I was looking evyhewrere and this popped up like nothing!