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50 Days of 10KM Run

16 Aug 2012 21:23:00

50th Day of 10KM
Day : 16th August 2012
Distance Covered : 10 KM
Time : 1Hr 11Mins 54Secs
Speed : 8.34 KM/Hr
Pace : 7Mins 11Secs
Place : Shivaji Park, Dadar , Mumbai
Weather : Humid
Music : My Heart Beat

50th Day Running Track. Tracked by Garmin Forerunner 410

Hush...Hush...Hush... Was the only continuous breath which I heard in the morning while I was running.

Completed 10KM run today. Todays 10KM run is special. It is special because it is the 50th 10KM Run. In simple words I am running 10KM from last 50 Days without a break during the run and in days. I have posted my running logs here.

It feels good to be running everyday for a distance which I had once thought was impossible for me.

It was not a preplanned effort to run 50 Days. During the week one I thought I will complete a week of 10K run everyday. Once I reached a week then I took every day at a time to run a 10K , I was curious how many days of 10K I can run without hurting my legs. Every morning when I ran I never thought of the previous 10KM, and I was not even over confident that I will be able to do it today. Everyday I thought I should run a 10KM without stopping in between. After 50 Days I have covered more than 500 KMs. I don't even know how long I can pull along a 10K everyday, but I will try to pull for some more days if my legs don't give up on me.

Some Images after the run

Ketan After Workout
After the Run

Ketan After Workout
After the Run

Moral : 50 Days of running was a unique experience.

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