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Sweat in Rain

15 Jul 2012 10:35:00

Experienced the feeling of being in heaven.

The wait was over after a long wait of more than 20 days. Clouds were not bursting and pouring the nectar on the thirsty and desperate earth (In this part of India). It took longer than usual to rain here. Atlast the wait was over. It rained today and it rained heavily to keep the weather amazing for a wonderful morning nap. I wish it rains everyday.

The case with me was totally diferent. Instead of nap I preferred to run. Sundays are always special for me and I make it special by running harder. I wanted to make the best use of the sunday by running hard or longer.

This time also I had planned to run a long distance. I never knew the rain will come and make the run memorable.

Like every sunday I woke up at 4:30 to prepare myself for the run. I got ready and opened the door. To my surprise it was raining heavily. I shouldn't have been surprised as it was rainy season. LOL.

I was thinking how to proceed ahead in this rain. Even sometimes I thought of not running today(very bad thinking) . But some how I managed to sneak out of the room to the road.

When it comes to taking a decision which is slightly tougher than the normal ones. We always have a small discussion or argument with ourselves or others. This time I discussed or argued or fought with myself about the pros and cons of the decision to run in rain.

A brief fight happened between the pessimist me and the optimist me. Lets see who has won the argument.

Conversation with the Pessimist Me and Optimist Me
Pessimist Me Optimist Me
Take rest and enjoy the weather by sleeping on the cosy bed under the thick blanket Chill and enjoy the run outside, mother earth has spread its arms inviting you to run
What will happen if you get wet and you are caught with severe cold and fever I will be affected by cold if I don't take proper care of me after the run. I am sure I can take risk. Even if I catch cold I can take some medicines and take relief from the cold
You are ruining your clothes and shoes which will get wet and dirty in the run I will wash them properly for the next day. And I will even get another pair of shoes to run the other day if the old one remains wet. So no issues of clothes or shoes getting wet.
You cannot carry your iPod(music player) to listen music which always pumps and motivates you for the run The iPod will be missed but I will use this time to think more about myself instead of listening to the music. I can think about the people whom I like, I can plan about my future, I can think about making peace with people who hate me for some reason. If I have many things to think and ponder why do I require music. If Music is a must then I will listen to the sound of rain, my heart beat, my legs left right left right thump on the road.
You will look horrible after the run There is no argument for this stupid thinking.
You may feel sad and tired due to the wet run I have no idea how it will feel as I have never experienced a run in rain. And I am confident that the experience would be great to share.
Every one is enjoying the weather by sleeping and keeping themself dry. Even I will keep myself dry and enjoy the weather but after the run. End of the argument.
Ok.All the best. All the best to you also.

In the end the decision was taken to shut the pessimist me and obey the optimist me and I decided to run. The decision was perfect. For the first time I ran in Rain and without any music player. A run which was awesome and great to experience.

I did the usual 10KM run. I didn't reduce the mileage because of the run. I respected the rain and maintained the same milege which I am maintaining from last 15 days.

Some Images after the run

Ketan After Workout in Rain
After the Run in Rain Picture 1

Ketan After Workout in Rain
After the Run in Rain Picture 2

Ketan After Workout in Rain
After the Run in Rain Picture 3

Day : 15th July 2012
Distance Covered : 10 KM
Time : 1Hr 10Mins 57Secs
Speed : 8.46 KM/Hr
Pace : 7Mins 5Secs
Place : Govindrajanagar, Vijaynagar , Bangalore
Accompanied By : Alone
Weather : Rainy
Music : Sound of Rain, My Heart Beat, My legs left right left right Thump on the road

Moral : Running in rain was awesome and heavenly experience.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Amy Says:
15 Jul 2012 at 05:15:22
Keep it up.
Arwa Says:
15 Jul 2012 at 06:26:48
Wow u sure had a great experience.
Keep running !!!
Tiru Says:
15 Jul 2012 at 06:26:53
Dude you are looking fighting fit in your pics man.

I can see you are very excited(and you sure deserve to be) about all the great things you have achieved with your runs but give us a break
It is getting a little too much reading about your runs.
Don't get too lazy when it comes to your blog.
I am sure you have more interesting stories to tell us apart from your weekend runs.
Sandeep S Hans Says:
15 Jul 2012 at 14:23:40
Dude u look like " Half the man you used to be ... " (No offense Nirvana) literally !! Very happy :) :) :) All i have to say is (and i quote from Forrest Gump) , "RUN FORREST RUN !!"
Pravin Chandrasekharan Says:
15 Jul 2012 at 21:50:15
Must say the results are speaking facts... A new Ketan in pics :) Keep it up dude.. And full respect to your spirit dude...
Vijay Says:
16 Jul 2012 at 03:09:13
Keep up the good work !! You really seem to have lost weight..
s.p.m. Says:
16 Jul 2012 at 06:48:16
Puneeth S. H Says:
16 Jul 2012 at 06:48:32
Seriously!! I wish I had a companion like u bro! Anyway, well done! :)
Vineet Says:
16 Jul 2012 at 06:57:56
Congrats Bro... great commitment.
I wish you happy running.
Lets add 1 more KM probably after 2 wk or so. You can use your wknd to enjoy the extra mile to startwith before making it regular.
Lori Says:
16 Jul 2012 at 14:46:47
Nice job getting out there to run in the difficult weather! It as fun to read the argument with yourself. I have had similar arguments many times. I enjoy a good run in the rain sometimes. Unfortunately we are in the midst of a heat wave, and if the rains do come, they are accompanied by lightning and high winds. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Shruti Menon Says:
16 Jul 2012 at 14:48:25
Awesome blog, Simple yet inspiring :) Hats off to your dedication Ketan !!!
Ketan Says:
17 Jul 2012 at 16:03:20
@Amy : Thank you
@Arwa: It was a great experience
@Tiru: Sure I will blog something new..but i like running a lot these days so i am blogging more about that.
@Sandeep Hans: Thanks man...Long way to go..Run Ketan
@Pravin Chandrasekharan : yes man thanks...
@Vijay : Thank you..
@Mom :I will take care of myself..
@Puneeth : Do run alone it has a joy in itself..
@Vineet : Thanks man...I will surely take that advice..
@Lori: Thanks..where do you run normally..
@Shruthi Menon : Thank you..
10 Aug 2012 at 15:03:39