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50 Days of Running

15 Jun 2012 16:22:29

I am happy as I completed the 50 Days of continuous run. I must have done atleast 5KM run everyday. The fascinating part of the last 50 days is I didnt feel bored to run or I was not demotivated by any external force. 

The real test will start only now. Till now there was no monsoon. As soon as the monsoon starts I should keep myself injury free, disease free and most importantly I should be with high motivation to run even if it rains outside. I am about to face one tough challenge. 

From today I am planning to blog some thing or the other about my daily workouts and run. Hope to remain regular in the blog and moreover for the runs. 

Moral : Love running streak.



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Friends comments and suggestions

Vivek Bhat Says:
15 Jun 2012 at 16:25:04
Keep running.. let's see where we stand at the end of this year..