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15.4 KM Run in Namma Bengaluru (Bangalore)

13 May 2012 12:16:16

Distance Covered : 15.4 KM
Speed : 6KM/Hr (very bad speed, ;))
Place : Govindrajanagar, Vijaynagar , Bangalore
Weather : Cold and slight wind partially and hot sun partially

I just experienced the awesome moment. I ran for 15.4 Km today morning in Bengaluru (Bangalore). The moment is very hard to express in words. Still the feeling is sinking within me slowly.

Previously I had completed 12 Km in Mumbai. Before starting the run I felt 15.4 Km would not be a difficult task. But it is always said any task which is small or big should not be underestimated. Eventhough it was just 3.4 km more than the previous 12Km run, still it was a considerable distance.

Ketan After Workout
After the Run

I wouldnt have done todays run successfully if I would have given more importance to the sunday morning sleep. As soon as I got up at 5 I felt why should I run on such a cool sunday morning. Later on realized if I dont run today then the excuse of not getting up on cold mornings will live with me for every morning.

Reaching 15 Km was there in my mind before start of the run. But it started to vanish when I was nearing 8 Km. It was a run which was not an easy one. When I reached 10 Km mark I felt a small pain on my left knee. I thought of stopping the run, but later on I remembered a saying said by some one . "It is now or never" . I tried to distract myself from the pain and continued the run.

I can truly say to anyone who is reading the blog, during long runs it is not only the run which you enjoy but the process and the thoughts which fly in your mind makes the run fascinating.

Ketan After Workout
After the Run

Today also I used my iPod for listening to the music during the run. Music allows your mind to focus on your run and the thoughts which fly in your mind.

Last 5 km was a pain. But the last lap of 2.2 Km was the most painful of the full distance of 15.4 Km. May be because I was over doing and pushing my limits.

For a change I disconnected the iPod during the last lap. It was a feeling of heaven at that moment. I was able to feel the pump of my heart, my breathe was in sync with my every step of run. I could feel that I can breathe and my heart is pumping blood out of it. In short I realized I am  ALIVE. Many must have experienced this moment of heart pump.

I can proudly say I was more than happy to complete the distance of 15.4 Km. Every one must be surprised by the 15.4 and why not 15. It is pure mathematics. One lap of my running road is 2.2 Km and I did 7 laps, so it comes out to be 15.4. LOL. 

Life Lessons learnt during this incredible run :
a) Any small task should not be unerestimated
b) Rise beyond the excuses
c) Journey and the destination both matters in any task
d) Push yourself slightly more to achieve the unbelievable
e) Keep moving even if you are going slow. Moving matters, stopping doesnt.

Moral : Running is a fascinating form of physical activity which is pure in its own form which tells you the reality of life.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Sandy Says:
13 May 2012 at 13:19:28
ur last point sums it up :Moving matters, stopping doesnt.

Well said ,and well done.
There are things u do in life,just for the sheer want of doing it.And that's how one's purpose needs to be.There needs to be a WANT to do it,and nothing else.!!!! Then there needn't be any reasons,any logic,any justifications !!!

And ya,a good blog after long :P :P
Justin Says:
13 May 2012 at 14:40:10
Superlike ur blog bro... Well after reading ur blog even i feel like doing something but m too lazy to get up in d morning ... lol
Anand Says:
13 May 2012 at 16:44:03
After long time you are makeing the things as usual, I never analised such movements of life, but after reading this , will definately do.
Bharath Says:
13 May 2012 at 17:48:19
Congratulations Bro !! i have a doubt, why don't i come up with such kind of things like "It is now or never" or any other stuff while i do some task..

any how u did a great job...

also tell how many calories will get burnt with this kind of task....
Vineet Says:
14 May 2012 at 09:46:27
M really proud of you my dear friend. You are seriously taking so much of hard efforts. It will def pay you off. Grt Keep it up and Keep inspiring.
14 May 2012 at 10:39:42
Ketan You are straining yourself too much. Take care of yourself. Achieving target is a must but you should take care of your health. My son, take care of you.
You look nice in the pohotograph.
Ketan Says:
14 May 2012 at 17:27:59
@Sandy : Thanks for the are absolutely right... somethings should be done for the sheer pleasure of doing...

@Justin : Thanks bro...Getting up early in the morning requires just one thing, ie to sleep early ...

@Anand : Thanks... For appreciating

@Bharath: burning calories will depend upon your body size and the amount of physical activity you do. For this run I burned around 1462 calories, I calculated this using my pedometer.

@Vineet : Thank you mate. Hard efforts has to be taken now. Else I will lose myself..

@Mom : Thank you.Even that strain was a pleasure.I will surely take care of myself...
Kavitha Bosco Says:
14 May 2012 at 18:12:30
U r truly d best. Ur dedication towards this task shows it all. An amazing fighter. Proud of u bro.
Ketan Says:
16 May 2012 at 04:35:46
@Kavitha Bosco : Thank you sis. Long way to go. It is just the start... Thank you for the wishes..
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