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When Journey Meant More Than Destination

04 Mar 2012 15:25:30

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I have an old friend Karthik. He is a nice guy, working with a MNC in software development department. Both of us studied in same school and college. It was really fun during those days. There would never be a day when we would not speak and fight for small pranks played on each other. We discussed studies, girls and every other topic which we felt worth discussing. As I used to read a lot of motivational books those days, I always used to motivate him in every aspect of his life. I still remember a day when we discussed about the journey of life and the way it has to be enjoyed. Beacuse I believed in the journey more than the destination. Because every one has to breath his last breath some day so it was my principle to enjoy the life to the fullest .From that day he used to call me "BABA Ketan".

During our final year I caught Karthik smoking behind our hostel. I scolded him a lot for this habit. But he was not in a position to listen. I tried my level best to make him understand but everything went in vain. Not only for smoking but for every small mistake which I felt is not good I used to scold him. One day he said "BABA Ketan. Dont think much enjoy life." After our final year he got placed if an off campus recruitment and started to work.

After our final year we got busy with our own work, but never lost in touch. Eventhough we didnt lose our touch but the frequency with which we used to interact during our college days was not there. Gradually our talks also reduced and somehow we ceased to speak due to our work and personal lives.

One day I get a call from an unknown number and it says "BABA Ketan". I was surprised to get a call from Karthik after a span of six years. I jumped and said "Dude how are you?" . He expressed his wish to meet me. We decided to meet at his home in Bangalore.

It was a pleasant day to meet my friend after a long time. He asked me "Daroo piyega (Will you have drink)". As usual I replied with a no. He said "BABA Ketan. you never changed. You are the same as you were in college. I just wished to meet you and you came all the way from Mumbai to Bangalore just to meet me. That shows you are an amazing soul". I felt happy to know that I am still the same guy who used to do anything for friends.

We spoke about many things and had lunch. All of a sudden we stopped speaking and we just sat with each other for next half an hour. There was pin drop silence. I broke the silence and asked "Itna sannata kyon hai.. (Why so much silence)". We laughed and cracked some funny jokes to make the mood lighter.

Karthik said "Life is not easy BABA" . I said it is not easy but not difficult either. I questioned "What happened?" Karthik started to share his life story after our graduation.

"BABA it was a dream to work in a MNC and that dream came true during our off campus recruitment. So life was fun with work, smoking, boozing during weekends. Even I had a girl friend who was also fun loving girl who used to enjoy my company. We both were together for 3 years. We had fun , even she smoked a bit so it was more fun smoking my favoutite cigarette brand HD1.

I never bothered about smoking. As it was a very good time pass and I had a feeling of good sensation when I used to smoke. It had become such a habit that I started to smoke while drinking tea. It was fun when all of my gang including my GF used to smoke in our company campus. It was a fun filling days. Even my teeth became brown due to smoking , but it didnt deter me of my smoking habit. I went to the dentist and whitened my teeth again. Wasnt it the best way to make anything shining like teeth. When I used to cough due to some small congestion in my throat I had some cough tablets and syrup and managed my seasonal cough. Smoking was the most enjoyable thing which I did those days. I and my colleagues used to work hard at work and used to smoke. We used to challenge ourselves about how much we can smoke continously. And everytime I used to win the race. It was an achievement to smoke heavily and show off the bubbles of smoke on air in different shapes. I sometimes used to feel I am the legend in smoking. Because I always felt if you like something you should do it in perfection. Even if you work, work perfectly and even if you smoke smoke like a legend.

One day my GF left me because of my heavy smoking. I was not sad, but I was shocked as she liked me because of my work and my smoking tricks. She had said that during one of our parties. Now she left me because of my heavy smoking. That was really shocking. So these all 6 years life was full of fun with my GF, smoking, boozing during week ends and working like hell."
I was puzzled and said "That is very good you enjoyed your life. Do you want to say that you are a legend in smoking."

Karthik stood up and got some files from his cupboard and gave it to me. I couldnt understand what was there in that. I asked him what is that. He said these are his medical reports. I was curious and worried and asked "Why are you showing your medical reports to me? Is everything alright."

Karthik paused for a minute and said "It is Emphysema " .
"What is that?" was the question again from me.
Karthik turned towards me with a teary eyes "It is a form of lung illness."
He cried for next 15 minutes. I didnt know what to say. I tried to console him but what ever consoling words I say it is he who knows the pain which it causes. He stopped crying "BABA Ketan, do you remember you scolded me during our college days when you caught me while smoking. You said life has to be enjoyed, it is a journey which has to be enjoyed in a proper way so that it becomes a joy ride. I didnt listen to you that day. If I would have listened to you that day I wouldnt have been facing such issues. My life journey of last 6 years has affected my lungs. I repent my decision of starting to smoke."

Later on we discussed about the lung issue and decided to visit some specialist. My only intention to share this experience with you was to make all the smokers aware that Karthik has ruined his journey of life with his obnoxious habit of smoking. It is still unclear what will be his destiny.

Moral : Quit smoking. Because smoking kills.
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Friends comments and suggestions

Ketan Says:
05 Mar 2012 at 08:02:09
A real story
Kiran A Says:
05 Mar 2012 at 15:22:00
How is he now.
Pravin Says:
06 Mar 2012 at 02:15:20
Am stunned... Who is the subject from our college here.. Is he alrite now?
Ketan Says:
06 Mar 2012 at 03:36:01
@Pravin He is fine... Hopefully nothing goes wrong.
Sandeep "The Big Bull" Hans Says:
07 Mar 2012 at 06:47:07
only when the pain of losing life is felt closer to us do we really start to give a damn ,, . . . thanks for bringing the fear close to me and the readers of this blog.
Varun Says:
16 Mar 2012 at 06:16:23
I donno I listened many stories abt smokin' but this one; touched me alot n made me to think again abt my approach for smokin'.. I dont want to cry like karthik after some days.. Thanks baba ketan for sharing this message.. from next second im reducing this habit n will quit as early.. the reason to quit smokin', I feel we wont get more than this real story.. hope karthik bro will be fine..
Ketan Says:
16 Mar 2012 at 09:52:10
@Sandeep : Hope you realize it

@Varun : It is good you changed the approach towards smoking.
tiru Says:
22 Apr 2012 at 06:46:47
People do a lot of dumb things trying to be cool or trying to fit in amongst "cool" friends.
The sooner you realize that this enjoyment wouldn't last long and who your real friends are the better.
Hope your friend gets better and some of your coolness and sense rubs off on him.
Audreyy Says:
23 May 2012 at 15:57:22
has a x skomer i used zyben but a skomer won't stop unless they want to the more you push them the more they well stand there ground when he ready to stop he let you know ! no program you ask him to do well work unless he ready . you could try asking him to change many of teh ways he smokes like smoke in one room of the house , smoke 1 hour after meals he need to change his habits of how he smokes , like no smoking at the table don't have smoke on you while your home .in the car no smoking this does help when they change the way there habits is when they smoke .
Rajat Pandita Says:
25 Apr 2013 at 09:21:43
Hi Ketan,
Hope you Remember Me.... Anyhow. An Interesting read and an equally painful reality. SMOKING Kills. I quit smoking myself 2 years ago and Never looked back again. I am happy to have quit smoking.

I must say your site is quite interesting and I spent quite some time with it.

Keep it up..

Rajat Pandita
Isa Says:
26 Jul 2013 at 10:59:27
I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I coosacrmes a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging,and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.The issue is something too few men and womenare speaking intelligently about. I'm very happy I found this in my hunt for something regarding this.
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