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Letter to Steve Jobs

26 Aug 2011 17:30:22

Hello Mr.Steve,

I feel really sad that you are forced to quit from Apple due to your health issues. It was a shock when I read the newspaper which stated "Iconic Leader of Apple has logged out".

Everyone under the earth would know how a cancer can show its bitter face. Even if you are at your best it would eat you from inside. Still you had the courage and will to come fight it from year 2004. Kudos to you for that.

But it is truly unimaginable apple without your leadership. There would have been questions running around internet about your leadership qualities. Even they knew it requires extreme passion to build a huge company like Apple. Congratulations to you for that.

Steve Jobs

Whenever I used to see the keynote event of Apple products I used to be awe stuck the way you presented the products. In the process I end up seeing the keynotes more than once. It is highly unimaginable to even think a corporate leader is introducing a new product to the world in a casual black shirt and a blue denim. That really shows you had the courage to be different.

Some of the highlight of the products from a personal perspective is the iPod Nano,iPod Touch,iPad. I use my iPod Nano everyday and it has not shown a single sign of wear and tear. This indicates the extreme engineering involved to make the iPod a world class product. It wouldnt have been a world class product if not under a world class leadership from you.

Whenever you ended your product presentations in the keynote events you used a phrase "And one more thing". And you introduced a new feature of the product. The same way I wish you come one more time for the Keynote event to introduce the iPhone5 or any other apple product. By this way you can quench the thirst of innumerable fans like me to see you one more time introducing a revolutionizing product, we can learn one more time the amazing way to keep the listener engrossed by your talks.

You will really be missed by me as a fan, who admires your comeback to Apple, the products which you rolled under your leadership, the way you fought the deadly cancer when it was detected in year 2004, the way you presented the products with your unique line "And one more thing".

And one more thing I would like to say, Take care and you will be missed.

Moral : Steve Jobs will be missed.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Nasir Says:
02 Sep 2011 at 13:25:07
A true icon and a doubts.. :)
Tiru Says:
19 Feb 2012 at 19:16:34
I guess it is a little too late to be passing comments but I will do the same.
I can understand why you are writing such senti stuff about him(you have always been a little gizmo crazy) but about the other sane people out there I have no idea:)
I think the man and the products of Apple are over-rated.
Apple makes sure that the user interface and the design is great but any audiophile will tell you that the ipod is hardly the best music player it is made out to be.
The iphone is more or less a status symbol. Besides, it is used by people who make their life creepier by staying "connected" when they should be making some sense out of their lives.

PS: If you want me to stop writing negative comments please tell me to do so.
I am not a very positive person as can be seen from the post.
Ketan Says:
21 Feb 2012 at 02:33:22
@Nasir: Thank you
@Tiru : I have not compared iPod with other music systems, But iPod solves a lot of purpose and it lasts longer
Tiru Says:
21 Feb 2012 at 14:32:09
I am sorry I got a little carried away with the criticism.
I just felt that he was getting a lot more praise by you and everyone else than he deserved. (Or maybe I am just too jealous about anything good in this

PS: Boss you should get some sleep. You are too crazy about your site.
Ketan Says:
23 Feb 2012 at 04:40:24
@Tiru : I sleep very well...