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Coffee Mug

14 Apr 2009 22:33:00

(I was sitting in a coffee shop and drinking a coffee waiting for some one who never turned up.That is not the question who turned up or not.I saw a Coffee Mug in the shelf so I thought of writing something.)

I am here to say something about me. Yes you guessed it right I am a coffee mug. I hope you must have touched my siblings and friends at least once in your life time. I would be very eager if you sit back have a coffee and listen to my small story. I don't know whether I will be able to put everything in front of you within a short period of time.

Even though I am a coffee mug my name is 'Cuffa'. I will tell you later why my name is 'Cuffa'. Don't you think this is really a very cute name? I really liked this unique name. My life journey started on 21st March 2005 in the factory named 'Cup maker and Co'. I was not an ordinary simple looking coffee mug but a handsome looking coffee mug. I was made of ceramic material with a smooth finish on me. My colour was a light coloured chocolate with a fine touch of dark chocolate colour on me. A small neck lace like dark chocolate colour was across my body which made me look more sturdy, tough and smart. A small hand was made on me so my masters can hold me with that. This was a very important part of mine. If this hand of mine is lost I will lose my beauty and my masters will throw me in the dust bin as a useless waste.

I was in the go-down of my factory for a week. After hearing all the stories from my other siblings who have come back for recycling, I was really horrified how the world outside will be. Many questions came in my mind including some funny and deep thinking questions like from whom I will lose my virginity (who will use me first for drinking coffee), will I be used by the riches or by poor, will I be cleaned after every use of mine so that I will remain handsome as ever, will I be taken proper care so that my hand doesn’t break with ache. As the day passed my anxiousness to see the world started to increase with leaps and bounds.

The wait was over. Finally I was purchased by a 5 star Hotel official with some of my other siblings. I was overjoyed to see and meet the challenges of the cruel world which was waiting for me to come. I was taken directly to the store keeper by the person who purchased. From the store keeper I was taken to the kitchen. The kitchen in this 5 star hotel was so clean and the aroma inside it moved my heart to eat some delicious delicacies (I should not forget I am not a human to eat all those cooked food).As a fresher I had to wait for my turn to show my service. I was stacked inside the showcase for some more days before my first assignment. I was also a learner at the same time even though I was on bench. I heard the cooks speak, the managers yelling at the cooks for some negligence in the spice of the food, the cranking of some of my experienced siblings inside the shelf, some teachers talks about the current affairs, stock brokers talk about the stock market. I found their stories very interesting and educative at times. Whatever I feel about the stories I have no escape from the present work what I have to do. However knowledgeable I become of the stock market I will not be able to be a stock broker or a teacher in a reputed college. Whatever it is I will be used for serving coffee.

My first assignment can never be forgotten. It was on the day 2nd April 2005.As usual I was sitting in my bench with no work. May be that was also sheer fun as you sit and see the beautiful females from all categories ranging from house wives to college girls to sharp minded corporate females (I sometimes forget that I have to be neutral in my service to both man and woman).From my shelf I saw two plump men with greying hair and a beautiful woman in her mid 20's entering the restaurant. I presumed she must be an intelligent secretary to these dumb managers in some big multinational company. They started to discuss some work related issues. Then came this stupid chief waiter (I will reveal why he is stupid)
"May I help you sir", bowing 20 degrees toward the table.
"Yes." First fat man said.
"What will you have Sir" looking towards the Boss.
"Coffee..." Boss was not even bothered that he was sitting in the restaurant and he should order something...
"What will you have Miss.Julian..." with a spark in the managers eyes..
"I will have a coffee too sir".
"Please bring two coffees and a tea...Please makes it fast" with a tinge of ordering voice...
Chief waiter came near the ordering counter and said to the chief cook
"Mr.Rayan please make one coffee and a tea" waiving his hand to the server...
I heard the conversation the order was one tea for the fat boss, one coffee for the fat manager and one coffee for the beautiful secretary. I would have screamed to Mr.Rayan that this chief waiter is a stupid, but I couldn’t have done by being just a coffee Mug.Someone from my back was opening my shelf. I opened my eyes more and wondered will I be taken out for my first assignment. Yes I was at last taken out for the same. I was first taken to a big monster like box it was a dish washer. Detergent water was splashed over all over my body. I was rewashed with luke warm water and then dried. I enjoyed my first shower in the dish washer.I was taken inside the kitchen and hot liquid named milk was poured inside me with another sibling was used for tea. I just wondered why the coffee was not served only the milk later I realized that coffee powder and the sugar was given separately to the customers. Waiter took me and the tea cup to the customer.
"Coffee sir and tea" serving the beverages to the customers.
"I ordered a coffee and a tea” with harshness in his voice.
"Sorry Sir there was a slight confusion I believe...I will bring a coffee right away Sir" pleading to the Manager...
Another 5 minutes would be lost for the new coffee. I desperately wanted the female to use me not the dumb boss.
Boss said "Please have the coffee Miss.Julian"
"No Sir you have it. I will wait for some time”, smiling towards him.
"You continue...Female first" with a witty smile
I just thought what a big flirt was this boss. I was waiting for the beautiful moment which I had never experienced in my life. The female lifted me towards her; she mixed some coffee powder and sugar inside the hot milk within me. I was lifted 1 feet above the table towards her red lips. I could breathe the fresh scent of her body; she kissed my lips and took a small sip of the coffee from me. Her lipstick mark created a beautiful curve in the opening of my mouth. I couldn't believe myself I kissed a beautiful girl and I successfully completed my first assignment of holding the coffee without spilling from my bottom.

I worked in the 5 star hotel for nearly a year. I was very happy to be a part of such a wonderful team of co-workers. Every day I used to have the pleasure of being in service for the white collared people of the society. I was more popular among the ladies; I don't know whether it was my luck or my destiny for serving them. The damn awful day came just after a year when I was forcefully removed from my restless service. I developed a small crack in my chest which made the store keeper feel I cannot render my service to the fullest. I started to feel all the negative things about me. Inferiority complex cropped within me which was making me very weak in seeing the world clearly in a positive way. I was then taken away from the hotel to a go-down where my siblings were in a similar state, some ones mouth was broken, and some ones hand was broken. After seeing such apathy of all my siblings and friends I felt I am far better that them. Then I realized there are many others in the world who are less fortunate than you. Then I thanked God that at least he was with me in my crucial times at work that I was not offered with such injuries as my siblings and friends. I was in the go-down for nearly one month thinking what will happen to my future and career. It is always said good time will surely come but it requires patience.

With my other siblings I was taken out of the go-down. I didn’t know where we were being taken. It was thick dark and shaky. I was just assuming that we all were taken to some unknown place so that they can throw us away as a waste. But something else was there in our fate. We were taken to some place known as "Recycler Inn". It was a place where all the articles like kettle, glass, mug, saucers were accumulated and enhanced it to make it work more. But I knew that to even get into the "Recycler Inn" we need to pass an initial test by the supervisor. I mean to say we were checked by a supervisor whether we were fit for a new life by the "Recycler Inn". I just kept my fingers crossed that I get selected in the assessment. But by Gods grace I was selected. The supervisor gave me a green signal by seeing me from top to bottom and I am sure he must have felt something good that I can perform. Then I entered the "Recycler Inn" for clearing off my bruises. You cannot believe I came out as a newly born superstar. I was heavily excited about it.

I was taken so carefully to a Gift shop named "Gift galore". Then I felt how important I am. I was then cleaned with a dry cloth by the owner of the shop and without disturbing kept me inside the show case. I felt so royal, I felt like the king. I was cleaned everyday with sponge with a light detergent. What a life was that? But I knew that I will be taken by someone who wants to gift someone a Coffee mug. I was enjoying the day looking at the customers that some wise man will take me to his home. But the wait was longer than a month. I believed I will have to wait for the perfect customer so that I will be taken care by them and I can toil for them as a faithful servant.

Then came a small family in the shop. The family consisted of a man, woman and a small kid. I am sure the kid must be their daughter of age around 3 years. They were just doing window shopping, all of a sudden the kid started to see me with a pure love in her eyes. She started crying by seeing me; the parents came running to her and tried to console her. I was just horrified am I looking so horrifying that the kid started to cry by seeing me. Then I realized she liked me and she wanted their parents to take me. The parents purchased me from the shop and took me to their home. The small kid was very happy to see me in their home. She played with me; she used me to drink water. I was very much happy to serve such a small kid who was very innocent. The kid calls me "Cuffa". Then I realized that even though I was having lots of problems before now I feel that after every bad start there has to be a good ending. I just pray to God that my life moves smoothly.

Good bye I have to go now my small little cute master will be waiting for me. Thanks for listening.

Moral : Life has got lot of spices which will be revealed one after the other.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Pal Says:
17 Apr 2009 at 17:16:12
I liked this one.
Shilpa Says:
24 Apr 2009 at 20:03:26
Nice imagination .'Cuffa'
Dimple Shetty Says:
29 Jun 2009 at 10:43:02
Hey Cuffa... This was very a amazing story ...Loved it and enjoyed it..!!\r\n
Kavitha Bosco Says:
27 Jul 2011 at 01:22:16
hi ketu, Dis is d 2nd time im reading dis story as I love dis Cuffa story that much. Dis is d most cutest story i hv ever read/ listened. U wont know i had taken a print out of dis story
Ketan Says:
04 Aug 2011 at 17:11:39
@Kavitha Bosco : Thank you. That is good you liked it
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