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Blood Donation

14 Aug 2010 19:53:34

I was feeling I am not doing anything constructive for the society (other than following basic duties). An idea stuck in my mind about doing some good social work by either visiting an old age home, or visiting an orphanage( I planned it long back with a friend of mine in Pune). The patriotic person in me is waking up after a long slumber. But later decided with my friends Sanath and Prajwal that we will do a blood donation on the auspicious day of Independence day. Fate had other wishes from us. We had to donate it early on 13 itself as one of our colleague’s friend met with an accident and we rushed in for our services.

We reached the blood bank of KMC in Mangalore by 5pm and we filled a long form. I was feeling for donating a blood you have to fill a long form, then if you want to get blood from any bank what will be the procedure. I filled the form and gave it to the person. He started asking me the same question which I had written quite legibly in the form. But I decided to answer all the questions like "Did you take alcohol in past 1 week”, “Did you have anything in past 4 hours”. I know that even if my all body may not be perfect but my blood is quite pure and usable. In the end he asked me to have some snacks and come. I thought I have come to donate blood so it is the duty of the blood bank to feed me with good snacks before and after blood donation. Anyways I cannot argue with them on this. We all went to the hospital canteen and had an "Uthappa".

Yes the moment arrived for all of us to donate the blood. It was not my first time and neither Prajwal’s. But it was Sanath's first time. Before blood donation he must have asked hundreds of question like "Will it pain”, “What will happen after blood donation”, “How much they will remove". Me and Prajwal answered all the answers.

We were called in the donation room and asked to lie down. And the doctor also asked the same question which the receptionist asked. I was thinking I will get drowsy by giving these answers repeatedly. Later she came with her pressure pump and the kit were she will take out the blood (I don’t know what you call them). She was trying to locate the veins from where the blood can come out easily. She was telling me and the other doctor that she is not able to locate the veins. I was thinking where my veins are. I was terrified "Oh my God...Please give my veins back...” Then she uttered after tapping here and there on my hand "Yes I found your vein...”. I felt "Thank God my veins are back...” In next 10 minutes my blood was removed in a small plastic bag. To be very frank my bloods colour was thick red.

Ketan Blood Donation Sanath Blood Donation
Me and Sanath.

On the other hand Sanath and Prajwal were in other bed. Sanath blood removal was fast. But Prajwals took almost 20 minutes. By sitting outside we were joking on Prajwal "Kahin uska poora blood toh nahin choos rahe hain..","Kahin Prajwal gayab toh nahin ho gaya...". But it went well and Prajwal was back amidst us. He said "She was pushing the needle very hard as blood was not coming out...”. I was afraid. Then he said "Mujhe Chakkar aa raha hai...” We consulted the same doctor she asked him to lie on the best for some 10 mins. Now he was fine after a small dizziness. The funny part was even in that moment of dizziness he was texting in his phone. I thought he must be updating his status in Facebook or Twitter about his experience if blood donation. We were fed with an apple juice. While coming back we thanked the doctor.

Amidsts all confusion, problems,issues back home and with myself, in the end it was a feeling of satisfaction that I was helpful for someone in need. Thank you KMC for providing the opportunity to help someone.

Some points of blood donation.(Sorry if I missed any)

1) You have to donate a Pint (450ml) of blood
2) Do eat before blood donation.
3) Don't be afraid of blood donation.
4) Within a week your body will generate new blood which you have donated
5) Giving blood does not hurt.
6) An adult till 60 can donate blood.
7) Drink lot of juices and eat fruits.
8) You can be physically active after donating blood.
9) Don’t have alcohol before or after blood donation and don’t smoke for next 5 hours.
10) Chill and help others.

In short what I want to say is. Do donate blood frequently for the betterment of you and for the society.

Moral : Donate blood and save lives.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Prajwal Says:
14 Aug 2010 at 22:03:11
Jai Hindh!!!!Ketan,First of all thank you very much for gave a place for my name here in your blog...You know, I had dream of doing something good for India(in fact for the society of India) atleast on Independence day! But I never done..I am very much thankfull to you for suggesting me about DONATING BLOOD..Surely atleast by inside now we people(you,me and Sanath) proud of ourself..In fact after donating blood I decided to give blood occasionally, atlest on every Independence day..Once again thank you to made me feel proud of myself..Funny Note:-At the time of dizziness I am not updating neither twitter's nor facebook's status. I just got a text message and I was just Checking it from whom I got..he he he...
niin Says:
14 Aug 2010 at 22:37:46
Its been so much time since I have not done it.. I will surely be doing it this week.. Have to man
Vivek Khadge Says:
15 Aug 2010 at 17:47:30
I am proud to have a frnd like u.
Roopesh Says:
16 Aug 2010 at 10:46:12
Good work guys.
Ketan Says:
16 Aug 2010 at 20:46:28
@Prajwal : Thanks for coming with us all.

@Nitin : Yes do it mate..and share your experience.

@Vivek Khadge: Thank you. Do you remember we even donated it in our college during NSS. I hope you remember.

@Roopesh : Thank you ..