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I change for a Change and I dont change for that change

Mood swings before the meet

15 May 2010 23:17:43

There is always a wish and there is always an effort from anyone, when he/she will meet a good friend after a long time.

Some of the mind swings which I feel now as I will be meeting a not so old but not so new friend after a long time.

1) Many questions and their subsequent answers pricked my memory very frequently.

2) Which topic should I choose and which topic will not make him/her bored.

3) What should be the gift which I should give on the meet after a long time.

4) Where should we go for dinner / lunch.

5) Will this prove and be a memorable meet with my good friend.

6) Can I expect that after this meet there will be an urge and wish to meet later once more.

7) Should I behave in a particular manner or talk in a particular way.

8) Has he/she changed his/her attitude towards me.

9) What will happen if I don't come up to the expectation.

10) And many other questions and reactions flooded my mind.

Meeting friend
Meeting Friend

In the end after a long thought I just felt. Why should I think much. Why should I be like this to change myself. If I want to make the meet a memorable one, then I should believe in myself and I should be me. I should not pretend in front of anyone for that matter. The more I am being myself the more genuine I can be towards the other person .

I decided I will be me and myself

Moral : Be youself and accept the opposite person the way they are.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Roopesh Says:
19 May 2010 at 13:05:38
Ya... thats so true
Vidya Says:
02 Jul 2010 at 15:47:43
Absolutely rite....
Ketan Says:
03 Jul 2010 at 01:01:35
@Roopesh : Thank you

@Vidya : Thank you