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I change for a Change and I dont change for that change

Can't it be better

15 May 2010 23:10:09

Yes...An age old story of improvement I felt like sharing.

When the first computer was created, the creator never stopped from improving the existing model. Not just because they wanted to earn only the profits, but only because they wanted it to be better in every way for the betterment of everyone. If there wouldn't had been an change from the old system, people would have got bored or they wouldn't have looked at that computer with so much of interest and desire. Computers would have had their own importance, but it wouldn't have gathered so much of importance as of now.This all happened because teh makers felt "Can't it be better"...

Can't it be better

Why I gave an example is, even life is like imporving and being better. Take an example of any relationship. It is good that you are a nice person to the opposite person. But it is very important that wether that nice part of you is improviing or remaining same or it is degrading. In my opinion it should be improving. When dealing with any relationship and if you hold that relationship important then you need to improve upon the relationship. If you had promised something then you need to fulfil that promise to the other person. If you wish to be more kind then you need to be kinder than before. That is the way you can keep the relationship alive and inspiring so that it doesnt become stale.

It is not easy, but it all depends on the conviction and the importance you give to that relationship.

So just ask yourself a question "Can't it be better"...

PS: You can draw an example even while at your work.

Moral : There is always a scope for improvement.

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