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I change for a Change and I dont change for that change


15 May 2010 23:03:21

Some one says : Please don't expect anything from me...
Some one says : If I wont be upto your expectation then...
Some one says : I cannot come upto your expectation...

Even this some one expects something in these above words...

They all are lying.

Now what is this word expectation. Is it merely a word ... or it has some deep meaning. I do understand howpeople will take this word and use it to their own methods. But I always had some deep meaning associatedmyself with this word... or I interpret it by something else..

I will never say I don't expect anything. If you don't expect then you are not a living human.

Expectation... It can be from your parents... It can be from your siblings...It can be from your spouse...It can be from your employee/employer...It can be from a stranger...It can be from your best friend...


Parents : Every parent will expect their child should grow up to be come a good human. He/she will be a support to them when they grow old. Is this expectation wrong from any parents. If they can give their hundred percent in making their child's future then it is their right to expect from their own child.

Siblings : It is not just only the blood relation which makes the bond between siblings stronger,but the value system, or the way they both are brought up matters and shapes up each others emotions towards each other. There would have been a lot of sacrifices in between siblings from childhood to adulthood or beyond that to make each others happy. Is it wrong from the siblings to expect some good deeds towards each other when they want each others support. Yesterday my best friend told that his brother always asks a Shirt or asks to bring some gift when my friend goes back home after a long time. It is due to the love between the siblings made the brother to ask a gift and expect that his sister would fulfil that expectation.

Spouse : He/She will expect that his/her spouse will be loyal to him/her. They will help each other ,they will be friendly etc. They need to have expectation then they can ful fil each others wishes. If they don't have expectation from each other then their life will be quite miserable. If you have expectations to fulfill then you will work towards that expectation so that the bonding grows.

Employee/Employer : The employee will work day and night with the expectation that he gets a hike in the next financial year. Employer will expect that his employee should work properly so that it will be better for the company prospects. It is just due to this expectation both the employee and the employer can remain stable and work for their betterment. So without expectation there will not be a significant push in their performance or commitment towards their work.

Stranger : When walking on the road he/she will not harm you.This might be a stupid expectation but you expect.

Best Friend : When you are dealing with friends you have expecatation. Without expectation or fulfiling expectation the relation may become a past or a straining relation.

What I wish to say is, even if your expectation or coming up to some ones expectation , you need to give your hundred percent. Whatever it may be , may it be helping some one or giving your time to some one. The opposite person should always feel that what they have expected from you has got ful filled. In the same lines if some one has not come upto your expactation you need not brood.May be you need to have been better with him/her so that him/her comes and lives upto your expectation. It is just the giving and sharing will make your journey of expectation with others fruit ful.

You can feel. You need to give yourself before expecting.Even if you are not getting anything from expectation and still giving, then starts the real relationship towards the other person.This will prove how selfless you are. It is way difficult to be in such a situation. This will make the person strong and prove his selfless nature.

Happy expectation and fulfilling expectation.

Moral : Be ready to give yourself before expecting.

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Friends comments and suggestions

priya Says:
11 Jul 2010 at 21:37:35
dis thing is fabulous so true yet so new 2 read
Ketan Says:
11 Jul 2010 at 21:40:43
@priya : Thank you for the Comments. Enjoy other posts as well.
Niraj Says:
13 Jul 2010 at 21:41:51
why i say "expectations frm d main cause of sorrow" coz u know very well what other persons work is and even he knows it well so my point is why do u expect from him?if he wants to he will definetely do his work may be even outstandingly n if he doesn't he will get paid fr it...this is applicable to every living being n in every scenario..
Ketan Says:
07 Aug 2011 at 13:59:36
@Niraj Well said mate