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Sulochana and Avdhesh - A short story

04 Apr 2009 21:37:00

(When I wrote this story a hindi movie-Saaya flashed in my mind couple of times.)

A short girl of height 5ft 4 inch in her mid 20s named Sulochana stayed in the village Hamrapur near Mussourie.Only a man who doesnt have any senses would not see her after looking her once. She was really a very beautiful girl. As every girl aspires to lead an independent life, she also started to earn her living by teaching in a nearby village school. She would have never imagined the 3rd day of August 2008 would be the most unimaginable day of her life.

The rain on that awful day was not stopping. On the same day she was assigned to take some extra class for the students who missed some class in the past. She was really cursing herself for being in such an unwanted situation. The sky was pouring water as if this was the last day of its water pouring. The class got over by 1945hrs. She left the campus with the expectation that she will get a bus back to her village. Due to the heavy pouring there was a landslide and the only road which connects the village was blocked and the traffic was increasing as the time progressed. She was trying her brother's mobile number so that she can ask him to come and pick her up. But the mobile was dying and it was taking its last breath and to make it more worse the signal in the area was very weak. Sulochana was standing in the bus stop with the expectation some miracle will happen and the situation will become easier. She had a small talk with a woman standing in the bus stand
"Madam what a heavy rain fall today"
"Yes the rainfall is very heavy I am seeing such a down pour for the first time in this season",the lady added more to Sulochana.

Sulochana was thinking to go back to her home all alone. She being a girl started to think of many unwanted probabilities of going home all alone. Some unwanted situation may also happen if she gets back to her home alone. She dropped the idea for some time. She could just stand there and pray to God for a speedy recovery of such an unwanted situation.

Some similar voice was calling her from back.
"Sulochanaaaa ,Solochanaaaaa".
She turned her and to a surprise she saw Avdhesh a boy whom she was suppose to get married in next 6 months.She was even surprised to see him all of a sudden.
"How come you are here?"
"No I was just passing by" he just answered by just limping by his side.His left leg was drenched with blood.She asked in a panic
"What happened is everything alright "
"Come lets go nothing happened.A small accident everything will be fine once we reach home "he re assured Sulochana."Sulochana we need to move from here very fast" dragging her with his right hand.
"Good bye aunty" Sulochana waved her hand to the old woman.The woman was surprised whom she was talking all this time,all alone.

Both Sulochana and Avdhesh were in love with each other as it was supposed to be a love cum arrange marriage. Sulochana and Avdhesh started towards their village so that they can reach before dinner. Sulochana was very happy to find him beside her. They were walking on the small roads in between the jungle so that they can reach home fast.
"I am very happy that you came.It would have been very difficult else" she looked in Avdhesh face with a smile.
"Even I am very happy to be with you right now" he looked staright in her black eyes.
"I love you so very much Sulochana and I want yo to be happy what ever may happen" Avdhesh holded her hand.
"I also love you Avdhesh " Sulochana blushed.

Atlast the village came nearby. The whole journey of their walk was filled with some pure romantic talks. As soon as they entered the village,
Avdhesh stopped and said "Sulochana please go I have some urgent work now"Sulochana was taken back to hear that.
She said "Nothing doing ,come home and I will dress the wound" with a command in her voice.
"No Sulochana I have to go"
"Ok I will not force you but take care of yourself."Sulochana was moving ahead towards the village road."Sulochanaaa"She turned back to see Avdhesh.
Avdhesh gave a big hug to her and said "Sulochana ,I love you...You mean the world to me. May God bless you to face all the unwilling situation with courage..God bless you"
She started to return but on her way back to home the words of Avdhesh was ringing like a Church bell. She was relieved that she was nearing her home and she can take a big nap after getting trapped in a heavy rainfall. She was seeing a huge crowd near her home. She just entered inside by taking a small route in between the crowd. Her mother was crying and her father was consoling her small brother. She asked what happened can any one tell me. Her mother replied with a heavy breath and sobbing eyes...
"Avdhesh met with an accident while he was going to Mussourie and he is no more..."

Moral : Love will even beat death for the last time

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Friends comments and suggestions

Pal Says:
06 Apr 2009 at 17:31:53
It is not good...A bad ending
Vivek Says:
07 Apr 2009 at 20:01:12
I didnt like it.I think you have written it after thinking about the end.\r\nDont think negative
Keshav Says:
19 Apr 2009 at 14:21:43
Nice one.
Sandy Says:
12 May 2009 at 17:12:53
Kya hua hai tujhe.Maut ki baatein kar raha hai.