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Beyond MNIK

12 Feb 2010 20:14:13

(This blog is not to support any political parties or not to oppose any polotical parties. I am not promoting Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) or My Name Is Khan (MNIK). I am not taking side of Pakistan. I am just worried of my Country INDIA and moreover the people residing. )

What has happened to the democracy? What is the big people doing these days? I dont know.

What I can say is ? Everything is going pathetically bad.

Now coming to the point. Some person(actor) named "SRK" commented on Pakistan palyers inclusion in IPL. Every one in the country has started to call him a traiter, some one called him even a terrorist. Ok done. He is not a good person etc etc. So. He is just a stupid actor/entertainer who boasts himself many times. Thats it. Nothing else. He is not a minister,nor a big leader, nor a PM, nor a President. People are going behind him as if he has done the most heinous crime by just giving these comments. See if you ask me personally I want some Pakistani players in IPL just because there are some class players who would be quite entertaining to watch. That doesnt mean I have forgotten the scars which Pakistani terrorist have created within me. There is a way to handle the situation. Now the question would be "Tujhe kya maloom...Tera koi tha kya us terrorist attacks mein. Was there any one from you who was injured during 6 bomb blasts in Mumbai or the 26/11 terror attacks" . My answer to them is yes. I was affected severly in the 6 bomb blasts which took place. But the severity was never disclosed to any one. I lost many things personally . May be this is not the platform to disclose the loss to anyone(sorry for that). But I was in the losing side.

My Name Is Khan

What my thought is? Just by stopping the film from showing will not do any harm to rich people. But it will surely harm the small people who solely depend on the movies. SRK commented on some stupid stuffs and you want to block the whole film where many other artists,directors and technicians involved. By just stopping the movie you are not stopping only SRK you are stopping the whole team of MNIK. Ok you want to teach every one involved in making the film. What about the chay wallas out side theaters, hawker who sells pop corns, the small boy in the street who sells posters of SRK. Are these people not affected severly. These people are poor people. Cant you undestand this small thing. We call ourself the protector of common man and his interests. I want to ask the protestors, if this is what you will do to the poor people then congratulations then our country will never eradicate poverty or hunger.

Grow up people, We have many other issues to solve . If we are putting our heads in petty issues like who is commenting on who then we are going downwards.

SRK was targetted, many other actors like Mr.Bachchan is a part of Aman Ki aasha,then you should even protest that. There was a concert recently in Delhi where a Pakistani singer was in stage with a performance with a Indian singer. Then we should have even stalled and banned that. What we want is stupid publicity, and it has come to the ego of some political parties. That is the reason these all hullabboo...

I can just plead to the people by this small means of my blog. SRK is a mere entertainer, do not give any crap to his words. We have to solve many issues we cannot distract our minds in these stuffs. If people want to get entertained by SRK movies then let them, if you want to protest against SRK donot watch his movies. Why to unnecessarily force others to follow suit.

Jai hind.

Moral : Many issues to be solved, other than moral policing who has said what.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Amar Says:
12 Feb 2010 at 20:36:58
Paks should not be supported.
Shilpa Says:
12 Feb 2010 at 20:46:03
I agree to you... people just need a chance to fight, they dont have guts to fight against big real issues.. they just take the small crap things and make them big...
sandy Says:
12 Feb 2010 at 22:02:21
yup..totally...d chaiwallahs,d paanwaallahs are ppl to be thot of too..sadly,dey jst dont realise..its merely a try to secure a footing on lost den heck..i guess,wot we shud rater do is,freakin go and watch it inspite of wotever protests...its more of doin wot we want,rahter than givin in to wot sum1 else mite want....!!!As always..great attempt by u,a nice style to put across a sentiment..gud :)
Pal Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 11:39:29
Well Ketan this is the most meaningful concern u have raised. Why chinese people see opportunity in India's political system is for this reason. We always fight for the reasons which are irrelevent and just for personal gain. Mumbai is a place where lots of brave warrior have born who have fought for unified India(You can remember the Great Chatrapathi Shivaji). But these people spoiling the reputation of the place and they have become reason for many sufferings. keep goin well who knows in future ur concern will be raised by some one who is reading this and may this wil end soon.
Ketan Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 14:51:00
@Amar: YEs they should not be supported..But there is a way..
Ketan Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 14:51:18
@Shilpa: People fight for no reasons..
mahendra Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 14:51:31
I think this is just for the sake of publicity of the film, coz if his ideas are clear then he should have bid for pakistani players..he is owner of KKR he had powers... Sab kahani khatam ho jane ke bad kyun bolna chahiye..He should understand one thing that he is not only actor but also owner of IPL Cricket Team.and he was aware that his next film is about to come
Ketan Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 14:51:47
@sandy: yes..Chaiwallas..and poor perople are affected...
Ketan Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 14:52:15
@Pal: I hope some one will surely try to rectify...
Ketan Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 14:53:26
@mahendra : See we know it is a publicity stunt of all..not only srk..but even by the other polotical parties...
Clement Chettiar Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 23:49:53
Well said Ketan Sir, me too of the same opinion, i did see the film today, its really good and spreads a good message to all, its a watch for all humanity. Go get it. First time in my life i saw a movie with police protection not only outside the theater but also inside the screaning area inall the possible corners. Some were also occupings various seats just for protection. One side i felt safe but the other side i thought we are staying in a communist state. The fact if the matter is i respect Balashaeb and the work he has done for the marathi manus, but i completly disagree with the sena. Infact they also know that they are wrong and losing their credibility on this crap issue, but thats politics i think. Sar katha sakthe hai lekin sar jukha nahin sakthe.
Ketan Says:
14 Feb 2010 at 12:09:44
@Clement Chettiar: Yes even I heard the movie is good. So you enjoyed with full protection You must have felt like a big star. But the feeling must have been short lived as you were not free in this case..
Roopesh Says:
16 Feb 2010 at 18:43:17
Hey ketan u didn't answer Mahendra's question!!.ok whatever othere people are doing is bad i agreebut dont u think as we become famous there comes a greater responsibility with it. He(SRK) should have acted in a more responsible way b'coz what he says matters to most of his fans.If SRK has rights to express his views then why others should not use there right of expression do u know even protesting also is a right given to us(in a peaceful manner.
Pravin Chandrasekharan Says:
21 Feb 2010 at 12:29:12
As Will Smith in Handcock says in his own style "GOOD JOB" :)..Well composed.To cut the crap out, this MNIK issue for me was a whole manipulated planned stuff...for instance,, lets narrate the whole stuff in other order:"SRK talks to non-ruling party chief, pays him hefty amount, makes this statement about pakistani players,before release of MNIK, as instructed paid stupid party morons start blasting it in volumes, objects screening of his movie,common man aka public is bombarded abot MNIK from all media, public gets eager to watch, govt intervenes,eagernes raised to many folds, protection in theaters, public rushes to watch" Verdict: Getting maximum crowd on movie release attained.House full.Loop Holes: *SRK is patron of IPL team . So why didnt he pick any pakistani player. (if not to serve his own interest for MNIK)* Why Party morons not attacking other related events or movies with link to pakistani personalities.(if not been paid)* Why stupid common man or public is getting influenced by this whole shit...(if they can read the whole sense)I will keep the question open !!Keep posting mate
Ketan Says:
21 Feb 2010 at 18:47:37
@Roopesh : Yes shahrukh should have acted in a more responsibel way..but what has happened to the big party people who boast about the betterment of common man...
Ketan Says:
21 Feb 2010 at 18:49:45
@Pravin Chandrasekharan : Yes. See what i feel is that SRK would have commented..but i feel there was a pressure from the other party people and from BCCI itself not to take any pakistani players. That could have been the reason why he didnt take pakistani players. Anyways... MNIK realeased..earned a bit..and now it is running blank theaters..It could have been a plot..
Bonny Says:
28 Feb 2010 at 22:23:22
You talking about the poor people... But Let me tell onething nobody cares about the poor...{har chota level ka aadmi ko use karte hai... }everyone Even the Politicians and The Stars , etc...Without them there cannot be Shiv Sena and without them there cannot be SRK ... The Drama was just a Publicity stunt for all the three sections - 1} Shiv Senas , 2} SRK ...3} MEdia ...Media waits for such kind of dramas ... to earn money ... I Blame the Media first ... for supporting and hyping such issues ... The Political parties second ...
Bonny Says:
19 Oct 2011 at 22:47:11
dude...pakistanis players have nexus across the border...the money goes to dawood... they should not be allowed to earn here... But the sad part is we play politics on all and every matter
Hamodi Says:
23 May 2012 at 01:23:24
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Alejandra Says:
25 May 2012 at 00:50:54