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Gift to a Friend

07 Feb 2010 19:33:13

Friends are the best gift someone can ever get. To shower upon this friend a gift sometimes becomes a very important task. You need to always make a friend happy by gifting him/her in some special occasions. Not just because your friend is longing for a gift but just to satisfy you and to see a big smile in his/her face. There is always a bigger confusion involved when you want a best gift for your very good friend. Sometimes you may even think "I am friend of him/her and that itself is a big gift.Why to give a gift".

What you think all goes fruitless of not giving the gift , in the end you always land up with the best gift for your friend to which your friend will always say "Wow so good...You are such a nice friend". You even think to the extreme that what is his/her likes dislikes,what will be more useful for him/her. But in my case I am also juggled with my thoughts about what to give which will make him/her very happy. I couldnt land up in getting a wonderful choice.

I gave a big thought about the gift. Here are some of the random thoughts which flew my mind when I tried to decide upon the gift.

1) Music DVD/CD - There is a huge data of audio and video available every time when you open the idiot box. And even if you try to collect the best of some particular singers, you will always be in the wanting of more choices. This choice also I rejected.

2) Clothes - How will I be able to decide upon the perfect fit of a wonderful jean or tshirt. It will be a good thing if I take him/her to the shop and let him/her buy, but in that case the surprise element will not be there. This idea was also dropped.

3) Chocolates - An old way to express your friendship. But if the friend is having some issues with chocolate or he/she is diet concious. This idea also in the bin.

4) Gadget - IPod or PSP or Watch can be given. Extremely costly, I have not become so rich to give an expensive gifts like some extreme gadgets available in the market. This is always a better option, may be next time.

5) Books - In this digital world when you get free books available in internet why will you waste money on Paperback books(Though it has its own value) . I even dropped this idea.

6) Perfumes - No I don't want to make him/her realize that he/she has a bad body odour(ha ha ah ah). If the perfume creates some bad skin infection then it will be a big problem for both of us. A big no.

7) Champagne - Wow sounds good. I don't want to be named as a drunkard who makes others also drunkard. It is a nice idea, if we both get boozed and create some unnecesssary tantrums then it will be unforgiving. This also dropped.

8) Photo Frame - This is good. A photoframe with one of our old picture together where we are doing the most crankiest stuff. But we donot have a picture where we both feature alone.

9) Jewellery - He/She is not a boyfriend/girlfriend of mine. I cannot give a gift which may create a very big misunderstanding. Better avoid jewellery.

10) Accessories/Stationary - Every one gives like these gifts. What am I giving different.

After even a long thought I couldnt come to a perfect conclusion. I think my thinking brain which sometimes work has ceased to work. It is not giving me some bright ideas. "Wake up brain...Wake up brain..." . I am still wondering what to puchase. I think I should leave everything to the instinct. I shouldnt think much and let things happen. I hope I will be able to get a good gift.

Moral : Let your thoughts flow very freely when you decide upon the gift. Whatever gift you chose will always be liked by your friend.

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Friends comments and suggestions

sandy Says:
07 Feb 2010 at 20:41:20
Big Mistake listing out the options and rejecting them outright,has sadly dimmed ur choices of receiving any of those,irrespective of u liking them or not!!!...Ab now I kno WOT NOT TO GIVE U..nd ya,mah brain aint working either :P :P.. So,probb,next time,next year,next occassion!!!!
mahendra Says:
07 Feb 2010 at 20:57:42
I personally think that gift may be costly or not doesnt gift is depends upon ones financial capacity..Rather going in materialistic stuff(which almost everyone has)give your friends a gift like sharing of great ideas,A nice poem,A small biography about him/her,A nice painting,A self composed and recorded song or music,a set of edited snaps or album,A handmade greeting card with nice wishes which remain alive forever... You may think this is abstract but just do it and see the smile on your friends face..
Ketan Says:
09 Feb 2010 at 09:41:18
@sandy : Kya kar diya main ne..I will accept any of the giftws mentioned..ha ha aha...
Ketan Says:
09 Feb 2010 at 09:41:47
@mahendra : A personalized touch gift would be anytime a better choice.