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What My Mirror Said?

20 Jan 2010 20:59:53

Just after I got up in the morning by 6AM on 6th January 2009. For the first time after a long time I felt very weak mentally,physically and quite lonely. I thought am I giving my 100% to myself ,my health and when dealing with my friends. Later I realized shouldn't I review myself how good I am with people. The best person to ask is to your enemy or ask your own self. In both the cases you will land up arriving at the best answers.

I was always excited about the concept of being a gentleman. I have come across many people in my family,friends and co-workers and many have turned out to be exceptionally well in their own behaviour and attitude towards others. I certainly believed some traits which needs to be followed by anyone to be termed as a gentleman and remembered as a good person even when you are not nearby. If some one is telling good about you in your absence then in that case you have been a nice guy.

I had always felt within me that I still lacked that spark of a true gentleman. May be one day I will be able to get to that state. If somewhere within me I am feeling good , every one will surely feel the same about me. Because charity begins at home. Just stand in front of the mirror and ask how you should be. I am sure you will get some wonderful answers. If you are able to follow these answers then I am sure one day atleast not all but many people will appreciate you in more than one way.

Even I asked the same question to myself standing in front of the mirror (small one..ha ha ha). "Hey mirror what do you say???" Truly I was surprised with many answers which I still feel that I need to have mastered long back. Its ok..It is rightly said "There's never a wrong time to do the right thing"... I just thought of sharing my answers with you...

I was asked to be more helpful. I was stunned to get this answer.How come!!!, I have always helped everyone whoever was in need. I never thought of money or time or goods. But still my mirror said I need to improve this quality. It may be right,I need to look into this from now on. I promised my mirror that I will be more helpful to everyone than before.

I was ordered to be more Kind. It said that if someone need to succeed in his personal relationship with anyone he needs to be kind to him. I need to practice kindness with whomsoever I meet. I was taken back "Am I not Kind". There needs to be kind word and words of appreciation flowing from me towards others as a perennial river.

I need to be quite honest and trusted by others. I can just say sometimes I get carried away by the gossip of others and make unwanted notion upon others. Wherever I go I need to be trusted by people. I have to make myself and hold myself in such a position that they should even trust you for their life. I will strive hard to get the trust of others by being the best of myself towards him/her.

I need to be courageous and patient in solving any issues. It doesnt me if I am staying alone and working with some bunch of stangers I have the courage and patience. It means how I can handle the daily situation without grumbling and patiently handling the people involved in it. You cannot staight away say you are courageous if you can walk on a lonely road or hit a huge man. Courage comes in how to walk the road of life with ease by walking with the people around you. Till now I was feeling I was courageous. Now I realized how moron I was.

Someday sometime everyone will make some mistake or the other.It is the attitude of a genuine person to forgive him/her and move on with him/her. If someone forgives someone then the anger and bitterness towards someone will vanish and he/she himself/herself can lead a peaceful life with a huge heart.

Surprisingly I looked in my mirror after having a small conversation with it,it had taught me the basic things of how to be a pure and a nice person. I can just say whatever a mirror says never neglect that. I am sure whatever the mirror says will always be true if you think very deeply. I hope your mirror gives you a right answer for you.I got my lesson from my mirror...What about you...

I just realized it just wanted to say...Can't me be a better Son...Can't me be a better Sibling...Can't me be a better Friend...Can't me be a better Employee...CAN'T ME BE A BETTER HUMAN...

Moral : Follow what yor mirror says.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Kiran Says:
20 Jan 2010 at 20:55:29
Hi,A better human.
Vivek Bhat Says:
21 Jan 2010 at 10:18:42
You should not put yourself in the dock too often. The best thing is... be what you really are and not what others want you to be.. that may be your father, mother, sister, brother, friend.. god, etc, etc. Remember the Bon Jovi song.. It's my life, it's now or never.. i am not gonna live for ever... Live your life as you want to live it.
S P MARY Says:
21 Jan 2010 at 16:03:32
Every mother worries when their children are away from her for work or for studies. I am really very happy to have you as my son as I know that you know more than me. Keep it up my dear son.
Ketan Says:
21 Jan 2010 at 19:03:53
@Vivek : Thanks man...for the valuable Comments. Yes you are right its now or never
Ketan Says:
21 Jan 2010 at 19:04:41
@S P MARY : Thank you mom.
Sameer Says:
22 Jan 2010 at 14:22:40
It takes a self-conscious being (or a gentleman as you call it)to actually analyze whether s/he possesses all the traits for being a good human-being....there you have the answer...The charity indeed begins at home :)
Ketan Says:
22 Jan 2010 at 19:28:34
@Sameer : Hey mate..Thanks for the deep observance..You got that right...
Mahesh shetty Says:
25 Jan 2010 at 19:49:03
From where did you thought of such a idea man?u truly said, infact best way to know abt u r self "pop the questions to my own mirror"....Good one...U said it to me last time meet i will like the new new idea....and its true....i liked it.:)
Ketan Says:
25 Jan 2010 at 21:01:44
@Mahesh Shetty: Thanks man...It is rightly said..ask yourself you will get a nice answer for that
Akhil Says:
01 Feb 2010 at 21:11:58
Mirror says the truth
Sandy Says:
07 Feb 2010 at 20:49:17
Now,that was indeed sum topic to blog about..Its nice when get hit by retrospection.Its even better,to ponder around dem...But i gotta add one thing..The way I see it,u have blindly accepted wot ur mirror had to say,hands down..Ur moral says:To follow ur mirror"...I wud wanna differ on dat..U need to have sum kinda argument wit it too.Ur mirror wud say things in tandem wit wot u THINK abt HOW U R BEING PERCEIVED by others,and u wud wana believ dat urself...bcs,dats sumthing on ur mind,nd dat does hit in,do have a debate with ur mirror,have sum gud exchange of thots,bcs dat wud be wot u r !!...