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How I Met Your Mother

14 Jan 2010 19:03:00

Note: Dont forget to read the funny dialogues at the end of the blog.

How I Met Your Mother(HIMYM) is a comedy serial which I am a kind of crazy. I really liked it very much to the full extent. Before diving into more details about my views about the same, I would like to thank my cousin Justin and my colleague cum friend Batty for inspiring me to see the serial. Whenever we used to meet they used to ask me "Kaisa tha episode"(How was the episode) . I used to get bugged. These guys talk to me about the serial not about me. What is this. Later I realized there must be something good and interesting in the serial.I decided to see the serial.
How I Met Your Mother Cast

Now I am regretting why didnt these people told me about it before. This is damn amazing comedy serial. If you are quite stressed out and you want some kind of relaxation watch this. Each and every character lives up to his work to the finest.
How I Met Your Mother Cast

I will be putting some light on about the characters from my view.

The serial is all about a person finding his love. The story he narrates to his children. That is why the name "How I Met Your Mother"

He is the hero of the serial. He is cute funny with full of vigour to find his soulmate. He does everything to find his love. But fate never favours him. Something or the other happens and breaks up with his new Gf's. Poor guy.

He is a friend of TM. They both stay together. ME is engaged to his GF. He makes many funny and stupid facial expressions during the whole serial. He is totally and madly in love with his GF. Who does everything whatever his GF says. Such a bull he is.

She is the GF of ME. The share an amazing chemistry between each other.They both are engaged and they stay with their friend TM. A cute female who is in madly and deeply in love with ME. They fight with each other at one moment and the second moment cuddle together with love.

He is in my view the most hillarious among all. He always cracks some interesting and funny jokes with some stupid statistics. Eg. "Out of every 100 men 28 men ends up in a break up in the first 15 days of their relationship." Dont you think that is quite stupid to crack some insane statistics like that. I liked this character very much.

She is the beauty of the serial. She is beautiful,gorgeous,hot,sexy and all the adjectives which defines beauty to the extreme. She has an affair with TM but it breaks in between due to some reason. She always has a cute smile on her face which keeps her apart.

Some Funny Dialogues / Conversations from the serials

Ted: [about the naked painting of Marshall] This is awesome times awesome. It's awesome squared.

[At a homeless shelter]
Ted: What are you doing here?
Barney: The Lord's work.
Ted: But you're Satan!

Robin: How can a pumpkin costume be sexy?
Ted: It was carved in strategic locations

Ted: I'm crazy about you. I think we should be together. What do you say?
Robin: Yes. No. Maybe.
Ted: Those are the 3 options.

Lily: That's 'Dirty Dancing'!
Ted: It was on last night.
Marshall: No, it was two nights ago. "She's Like the Wind" has been stuck in my brain for about 40 hours. I just got it out; now it's back in. Damn you, Swayze!

All in all I can say whoever sees this serial would enjoy to the fullest. Take my word for that.

Moral : You will love the serial.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Alok Says:
14 Jan 2010 at 19:15:29
Did you check Friends.It is also good.HIMYM is fine.
preeti Says:
14 Jan 2010 at 20:28:08
so i find here another fan of HIMYMi am also totally in love with that series and have seen all the four seasons of it :)its an awesomely awesome serial :)
Ketan Says:
15 Jan 2010 at 09:56:50
@preeti - Yes it is awesomely awesome serial..@Alok- I still have to see Friends
Justin Says:
16 Jan 2010 at 15:38:42
Hey bro,HIMYM is just AWWWW.... no wait for it !!!! here it comes ...ESOME...nice blog bro, if u wana kno more about HIMYM, join the group in facebook. They just aired the 100th episode in the 5 season nd i ve seen it all. ;)hehe ... one die hard fan of HIMYM.
Justin Says:
16 Jan 2010 at 15:39:00
Hey bro,HIMYM is just AWWWW.... no wait for it !!!! here it comes ...ESOME...nice blog bro, if u wana kno more about HIMYM, join the group in facebook. They just aired the 100th episode in the 5 season nd i ve seen it all. ;)hehe ... one die hard fan of HIMYM.
Vijay Says:
16 Jan 2010 at 18:45:11
Look out for some other comedy ones "Big Bang Theory", "Coupling", "Family Guy""Modern family" and other interesting ones.."Prison Break", "24", "Heroes""Smallville"...All of them are amazing!!
Ketan Says:
16 Jan 2010 at 18:49:26
@Justin:Yes bro I need to check the 5th episode. @Vijay: I am having Prison break.I will see that soon.
nitin Says:
13 Feb 2010 at 16:05:31
I have just completed the 4th season of this and to be frank, havent got bored. hv just got addicted to HIMYM.. looking forward to the season 5.but to be frank, this is one nice depiction of friends and love and heartbreaks and reponsibilities. "FRIENDS" if you remember was a lot of fun and silly jokes.But what HIMYM has done is more than that. it may not be totally representative of the indian psyche, but it sure tells u a thing or two about life
Ketan Says:
14 Feb 2010 at 11:38:40
@nitin : I havent watched Friends rather, But HIMYM certainly rocks ..
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