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Moments 2009

02 Jan 2010 00:57:52

Year 2009 was full of mixed bag experience for me. I would be a moron if I say "Yaar Saal Kab aaya Kab Khatam hogaya pata hi nahin Chala"[When the year started and when the year ended was never realised]. I was able to feel every day as a day which asked me "What the f*** you are doing today". I was able to feel the pressure of every task or experience which I was suppose to do or face. Not a single day passed which told life will be easy. It took the juice out of me in every possible way. Every day was as punishing and joy to experience. I had some unusual experiences and fun this year which created some happiness and some sad moments. Whatever in the end I can say I survived all and faced it.

I don't know how the 2010 will be. Will it be a year of prosperity, tragedy, or any other ....y ... I will just face it with the same attitude as a small kid who waits desperately for the vaccation to come.

I just want to wish all my friends, colleagues, and relatives a big and thunderous New Year 2010. I just pray to GOD to be with you in every moment of your life.

Following are some of the defining moments which still makes me happy or wonder why it hapened. These are not in order of occurence.
(Please bear with me,Images may take time to load)

1) Launched my website
It may be a very small thing but it was a huge thing for me to own a website and maintain it regularly. I agree my website may not be very beautiful with flashy stuffs, but I can truly say you can see Ketan somewhere in there.It was an acheievement for me to own a personal website.

2) Spoke with my best friend
My best friend spoke to me by keeping every misunderstanding aside. Thank you friend.

3) Completed 2 KM non stop swimming
The moment I completed 2KM non stop swimming I felt on top of the world. Because for me to complete this feat took a lot of toll on my body. I was happy about it.

4) Accomplished audio mixing with my boss
Read the details here

5) Became bankrupt
In short my whole bank balance was vanished. Now where it was vanished ,is very hard to put it in words or even make anyone understand. Still now I am in a state of shock.I want to say it was really a very bad experience. I was left with only Rs.2142 (In my wallet)+ Rs.350 (In my shirt pocket). Just anyone can imagine how someone would be feeling when all their hard earned money from last 3-4 years have vanished. I didnt even had the courage to tell it to anyone, I couldnt have explained what had happened on that fateful day when this thing happened.

6) Two blunders
I always believed to improve with the past mistakes. But this mistake I committed twice. I promise in future I shall not commit the mistake. Blunder cannot be said in public.

7) Gifted my parents with a special gift
Gifted something special.

8) Purchased Sony PRS 505 my most awaited gadget
Read the details here

9) Purchased iPod Nano in a split second decision
A music player, a pedometer and a friend. And I am using it everyday to calculate my calories burnt during my workout.

10) Purchased 500GB Seagate External Hard drive
Now I will not be in a problem to store my files.

11) CM inaugurated our application
Read the details here

12) Saw Mr.Nandan Nilekani in IT.Biz 2009 in Bangalore and attended his half an hour speech on UID
The man next to Mr.Narayana Murthy for INFY is Mr.Nandan Nilekani[NN]. I was a part of IT.BIZ 2009 in Bangalore. I got an opportunity to see NN and attend his speech.
NN deivering a speech
NN looking through the stalls

13) Went for GoKarting and saw Bowling for the first time in my life
I visited my teen life again. Somethings which I never experienced then I experienced now. I drew a small GoKarting car in Bangalore. All thanks to my friend.
Racing in full throtle
After the race

14) Tattoed in my forearm
Read the details here

15) Started blogging after getting inspired from a good friend
Read the details here

16) Became serious about my health and started excercising rigourously
I should have become serious about it long back, anyways atleast now I have become serious.

17) Marriage in the air
I was very happy to know my cousin Kavita, my aunt Lata and my friend Pravin getting married in 2010. That was a wonderful message when they revealed to me. Read the details here

18) Did video conferencing on all weekends in the mid of the year with my friends(Vijay,Pravin,Vivek,Anthony,Ambarish...) who are abroad and faraway
Read the details here

19) Met old friends after a long time in Pune and Mumbai
These are few friends with whom I met after a long time in Pune and Mumbai. Vivek Bhat,Pravin Chandrasekharan,Sunil Rongte,Mihir Kiri,Amol Ghatol,Mangesh Sudrik,Anand Wakode,Sameer Ghule,Amit Ghumare,Anthony Lynrah,Nilesh Sardar
With Pune Friends
With Mumbai Friends
With Mumbai Friends
With Mumbai Friends
With Mumbai Friends
With Mumbai Friends
With Mumbai Friends
With Mumbai Friends
With Mumbai Friends

20) Read 15 books in this year
Read the details here

21) Health issue
It was a shocker when I came to know that I have some serious health issues. I need to take care. I can overcome this if I am regular with my doings.

22) Walked 18 Kms alone non stop
Read the details here

23) Watched Circus with my colleague Shridhar Bhat
It was fun to watch circus in Hubli.

24) Visited Infant Jesus church in Nashik with my brother and cousins
For the first time after a long time me and my cousins went out together. It was nice to spend time together.
With Cousins
With my brother and cousins

25) Celebrated my birthday after a long time.
I would like to thank Shridhar,Madhu,Mahendra,Roopesh,Priti,Shilpa,Akshata,Gayatri for gracing the occassion and surprising me by bringing the cake. Thanks to all.
Party in Ayodhya
Cake cutting

26) UB City(Bangalore) and Pabbas(Mangalore)
Went to UB City in Bangalore.It is really a worthy place to visit. Pabbas a place you should not miss if you are in Mangalore.
Ketan Gourish

27) Drew my boss car and rode his bike
I may not be a best driver but I can say I am a very good biker.
Riding Bike
Riding Bike

28) Grew beard for 3 months long
I was looking like a crazy man. I was opposed by many people about my beard. Now I am normal.
With beard
Without Beard
Without beard

Moral : Be positive every year will bring you new experience and views. Be ready to face it.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Pal Says:
02 Jan 2010 at 01:25:59
Hi.Good moments.When are you throwing the party.he he..
Nilesh Says:
02 Jan 2010 at 03:40:39
Hey good man..... wish you all the best for next year..
Raghujetli Says:
02 Jan 2010 at 03:56:21
Hope you have a more rocking 2010
Nilesh Sardar Says:
02 Jan 2010 at 09:57:37
Nice to read. U had great fun. Wish u achieve newer heights of success this year.
Afffiiicceeee........ Says:
02 Jan 2010 at 11:04:54
Hey thats cool experience :) well did you find your money ? And hey about the beard ... hmmmm ... Ooommmmmmmm .... wait for it .... bottle choor swamiji ;) ha ha ... Adios
Mahesh Shetty Says:
02 Jan 2010 at 11:48:35
Buddy..:)what more to say.....Wishing u happy and joyeous tewnty10.
Meenu Says:
02 Jan 2010 at 11:55:23
Hey I liked the second one, good for you. In my case the opposite happenned. I had realised there was nothing left between me n my friend and decided to end it. I felt it was better than clinging on to a relationship when there was nothing meaningful to talk and unfortunately it happenned on New Year day
Clement Chettiar Says:
02 Jan 2010 at 20:54:46
Happy New Year Sir, how are you, goog to see your new blog. The beard thing was horrible, dont try that in future. There were some things on your blog which kept me wondering, please talk to me in person on this. Other wise ALL IS WELL. Enjoy 2010
Vivek Bhat Says:
03 Jan 2010 at 15:17:22
I do not want to use swear word here... You were supposed to send me the new year snaps you took... WHERE ARE THEY!!!!
Sandy Says:
03 Jan 2010 at 15:51:27
Its really nice to remembr the year dat went past by in the best of all the spirits!!..No cribbing,no complaining,jst being thankful it happened,and it happened well!!>.Nice.!
Vijay Says:
03 Jan 2010 at 19:11:20
Ketan, Nice to read and know you had a great 2009. Wish you even better accomplishments in 2010. See you soon
Vijay Says:
03 Jan 2010 at 19:11:32
Ketan, Nice to read and know you had a great 2009. Wish you even better accomplishments in 2010. See you soon
khushal pawar Says:
03 Jan 2010 at 20:45:41
first of all sorry boss after a long time i am writing something about you. i think so till you are not changed which i understood reading all things which you done in 2009. hoping lots of new things u will do in 2010. all the best n HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010.
Pal Says:
06 Jan 2010 at 12:38:46
Awesome....gud frds....had gud time
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