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CM Inaugurates our Application

03 Nov 2009 19:49:23

I just felt like penning my views on the CM of Karnataka(Dr.B S Yediyurappa) visit for an inauguration of the application developed by me(our company)...Just read and feel the experience which I had in the whole drama which went on for two complete days

On 26th October 2009 1730hrs at Hubli IT Park
Harsha(Boss):"Hi Ketan is the application ready"
Me: Which one?
Harsha: "GEducation which you were going to complete it today"
Me(Abusing myself):"Oh yeah I need to complete it.I will let you know once it is over.I am coming to Bangalore by today evening bus at 9"
Harsha: "Yes. Call me once you reach Majestic"

All of a sudden Harsha is asking whether the application is ready. I was surprised and startled, immediately I started to fiddle around the source codes to make the changes.It was in the evening Harsha called and asked whether the application is ready and I said yeah its ready and I will email you in 5 minutes. Just out of curiosity I asked him what is the matter you are hurrying with the application. He said "Ketan CM will be using the application and we need to test it once before tomorrows program".I said give me five minutes I will be emailing you the application in 5 minutes.

"Oh my God...What has happened...I have not compeleted the application till now and I will have to send the applications in a partial complete state...."(If the application is handled by me then it wouldnt create any problem if it is handled by some one else without prior training then he/she will ruin the whole program)I was thinking hard how to handle the situation.

My colleague named Preeti and Shilpa in a quite inquisitive manner asked me what is this all about. I was just thinking within me "Arrey yaar is it necessary for you people to ask in this untimely situation,here I am in such a heavy pressure of completing the application and I have to send it for testing in next 5 minutes". Whatever I was patient and appreciated the girls as they were inquisitive and enthusiastic about the ongoing process. I explained them what will be happening tomorrow and who will be using our application. But I just forgot that I need to send the application to Harsha who was waiting. The phone rang again "Ketan did you send the application...".. I said hurriedly "Yeah yeah in next 2 minutes you will get the application emailed to you.."

We tested the application at 2000hrs in the evening and my bus was at 2100hrs. Tha application didnt have any problems as the CM application was handled by me and the client end application was handled by Harsha... The question which was eating me was "Now the application worked..What if it fails tomorrow in front of the CM and What if someone else is coordinating with the CM and using the application..."All sorts of Questions were popping in my mind like a crazy frog.I packed haphazardly my stuffs in my bag and rushed to the busstop to catch my bus.I calmed myself by drinking some cool water. The bus started by 2110hrs.

On 26th October 2009 2230hrs in VRL Bus
I was just sleeping heavily in the bus as the day was quite hectic mentally. Bus stopped in some stop which I dont know and some people boarded the bus which had some couple of girls. I was just mesmerised with the beauty of the girl and the best part was she had got the seat in the other column side where I got the seat. As usual a boys mind I just thought of flirting with that girl. I have always believed it is always easy to start a conversation. I just planned to start the conversation. Then reality stuck in my mind and I said to myself "What is this Ketan... Think about tomorrow and how to handle the crazy application which you have developed...". I had to sacrifice that girl for tomorrows main day. I removed my scribbling diary and started to draw some interesting pen strokes (wrote the startegy how to handle the problems).Time passed and I reached Bangalore by 0710hrs the next day.

On 27th October 2009 0810hrs in Vijaynagar, Bangalore and Home science college Gandhinagar ,Bangalore
I tried to pacify myself by saying within myself that everything will work well. I glanced through the application before going to the function where the CM will be having a small inauguration function. But will anything click in the last moment, but still I tried with the expectation that I can make more changes so that the application doesnt bang in front of the CM. The function was suppose to start at 0930hrs and I am fiddling with the application now. I just felt within "Wah Ketan Kya ho gaya hai tera haal "(Wow Ketan What has happend to you!).
Ketan digging the application
Ketan Digging the application in Vijaynagar
We just reached Home Science College,Gandhinagar by 0910hrs in the morniing. Within next few minutes I fixed up my Laptop Computer ,Tablet Computer,Microphone and Webcam in the stage so that the CM can use it. There was a huge crowd of nearly 700-800 people waiting for the CM. Then I got the message that the CM will be late by an hour for the function.

"Hurrah hurrah!!!"I felt like screaming in front of everyone.. Now I have atleast one more hour to fiddle something more in my application.I started towards the stage which was all set for the CM. I cannot shift my Laptop Computer to some other place to fiddle with my application. Then I decided to do something different. I sat in the CM seat as no security would object as I was scanned properly and I was sniffed by Labrador Dog for a routine unwanted checkup (Which I would have dodged very easily...I was just imagining how easy it is to fool the Police in general).

I started to dig into my application to fix up the loop holes which was there. I started to think rigourously (which I sometimes do) about the application. I was trying to fix and in the mean while I managed to write some 25-30 lines of code by sitting upon the CM chair in the stage. I was just thrilled at this situation, I am modifying and upgrading the program
a) which was suppose to be without errors
b) which will be used(inaugurated) by many big personalities
c) I am doing(modifying the program) this stuff in front of more than 700 people ...
I am sure many people in the crowd must have thought what the hell this guy is upto, is he going to blow the CM as soon as he sits in his chair. These funny thoughts might have arised as the Laptop Computer was just placed in front of the CM chair.

Time slipped as fast as it could. I was just in the verge of virtually finishing the program. Soorya(Boss Brother) came fast near the stage and told me that the CM is going to arrive in next 5 minutes. I was startled and siad panickingly "Ask him to come after half an hour...". Soorya said "Have you gone nuts...What are you doing now in the stage...". I didnt say anything what I was doing till now. From nowhere some one switched off the main power supply and my laptop went off as lightning strikes and goes. My battery betrayed me long back that was the reson the Laptop Computer went off as soon as some one by mistake switched off the power supply where I had connected my Laptop Computer. I said to Soorya someone has switched off the main. He connected my system to UPS and now asked me to start. I pushed my power on button.It displayed all those stupid Windows startup screen and I was desperately waiting to see my Desktop screen so that I can start the application(whose error tracking and development was almost completed) before the CM arrives in the spot."Please activate your Windows" is the message displayed by my Laptop Computer after keeping me wait almost for 2 minutes. "How come it can happen." I was down totally. Now to whom I should tell this problem. My OS is already registered and now it is showing me this stupid message. I glanced through the crowd, the crowd(majority of them were girls from SYJC and Firsy Year degree) was staring at me as if I am a big criminal. They have the whole right to think as I didnt shave from last 20 days,I didnt put a hair cream to keep it in a proper state,my clothes were not exactly formal. By seeing me in such a dishevelled condition any normal human would think in the same lines. I restarted the Laptop Computer and by Gods grace this time there was no message for Registering OS and crappy messages.Just before two minutes of CM's arrival the application was up and ready to capture him and broadcast his Video,Audio and his pen strokes to the Studio.
Stage after the device and the application is set to roll

Then came the moment which was waited for a long time. CM arrived at 1230 hrs. Program started and it went on smoothly. CM and the Higher Education minister(Aravind Limbavali) were supposed to use our application. Same they did and to every ones surprise and to my surprise the application worked very smoothly with out any problems.I even clicked some pictues of the CM and the Higher Education minister using my application. This even was published and broadcasted in many Karnataka news paper and TV Channels. What a sigh of relief. In this whole drama of two days some people were missed highly they were Harsha Mahabala(He was in the studio), Shridhar Bhat(He was in Hubli managing other issues) and Mahesh Shetty(My good old friend).
CM Talking by using our Application
CM talking by using our application

CM writing by using our Application
CM writing message to the students by using our application

Soorya explaining how to use the application
Soorya in stage explaining how to use the application

In Karnataka news paper
In a renowned Karnataka news paper

Moral : It is quite necessary to hold your nerves at certain situations. Luck will favour you when you dont lose hope.Be prepared to face any situation at any moment.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Archana Says:
03 Nov 2009 at 19:50:48
Just read yours.I think you must have not slept for two days.Good work .\r\n
Aniruddha Says:
03 Nov 2009 at 21:36:06
\r\n hey great man .... :)\r\ngreat achievment it is.\r\ni really appricates your commitment to work\r\nreally good work\r\ncongrats :)
Vijay Emmanuel Says:
03 Nov 2009 at 22:25:49
Ketan, Congrats on your efforts and keeping your nerves till the last moment.... \r\n
Mahesh B.Shetty Says:
04 Nov 2009 at 00:18:09
\r\n Ketan you made us proud.Trust me buddy i visulized every moments from your writing....thanks for not missing me in the great success of the company.You made me happy....and yeah that's my Ketan.Iam really happy for the team....i know its very hard effort from every one.Finially result paid....that's the answer.
Keshav Says:
04 Nov 2009 at 11:46:13
\r\n You always have something to describe, well that "something to describe" is always backed up with good melodrama and good linguistics, and also whatever you scribe is always worth read..cheers Ketan
Dimple Shetty Says:
04 Nov 2009 at 13:02:29
Hey Ketan...! Finally after seeing the snaps other day got to know the story in detail..! wow.. Indeed a great job dude..! Congrats..!\r\n
Pravin Says:
07 Nov 2009 at 11:34:17
\r\n Awesome pal.. Heartiest congrats...and standing ovation to ur success..keep it up buddy.. am sure u have a long way to go achieving more of such feets.
Mangesh Says:
09 Nov 2009 at 00:10:03
\r\n Ketan, Congrats for your another great success. The way you have put it down is simply amazing...
Bonny Says:
01 Dec 2009 at 17:27:11
Congrats Dost ... Aise hi Aage badte raho aur Dharavi ka naam Aage badao ...
Santhosh Kumar BJ Says:
05 Dec 2009 at 18:41:56
Well Ketan!!! from your writings I can imagine what has happened that day. My heartly congratulations to you and my old company , I know how much effort you have put making this possible. Its beautifully written !!!!
Sandy Says:
09 Dec 2009 at 11:56:31
Killer stuff bro!!...Hope you got his DID :) ..or he has ur card...COntacts rakhna achi baat hai...tune tho bhaari aadmi pakda hai :P :P
Anup Says:
16 Dec 2009 at 15:12:51
Ye hui na Baat !!!
Pratiksha Says:
09 Jan 2010 at 16:03:53
Hey Congrats !!!!!!!
Nilesh S. Vashikar Says:
14 Jan 2010 at 22:57:20
Hey Ketan Congrats yaar and i am proud of u. you are my friend very nice dear good luck
Nilesh S. Vashikar Says:
14 Jan 2010 at 22:57:27
Hey Ketan Congrats yaar and i am proud of u. you are my friend very nice dear good luck
Pal Says:
14 Jan 2010 at 22:57:40
Hey Ketan Congrats yaar and i am proud of u. you are my friend very nice dear good luck
Pal Says:
14 Jan 2010 at 22:57:42
Hey Ketan Congrats yaar and i am proud of u. you are my friend very nice dear good luck
Pal Says:
14 Jan 2010 at 22:57:42
Hey Ketan Congrats yaar and i am proud of u. you are my friend very nice dear good luck
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