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First repercussion from the inspiration[friend] itself

03 Apr 2009 01:27:00

Seriously my friend has given some generous and thought provoking comments who had really inspired me to start blogging [My friend doesn’t know it’s my friend who have inspired me....It’s a top secret don't say it to any one].Certain questions asked by my friend still is making me think keeping me wide open at night, what is the real purpose of blogging other than the funny reasons which I specified in my first blog.

Friends teaching and preaching went on and on for about half an hour. I couldn't help much but to hear the whole lot what my friend wanted to say as whatever my friend was telling were really true gems and I couldn’t even stop in between. If I would have stopped then at that instance I would have been the world’s biggest fool to miss the wisdom.

My friend said that the expressions should reach the masses in a proper way, but in the same time you should take inspiration from such topics which attract people to read your content and give their comments. But my friend didn't understand that the real inspiration is my friend itself who has pulled the string within me to write something.

Then I realized how important is to have a friend nearby as to draw inspiration to do something useful. My friend was absolutely right I need to write something worthwhile which will be of much importance to them and it will be useful to them in some way or the other. In the way the reader should be willing to read more such articles from me. If the reader is able to see himself or relate himself in the similar situation then the happiness which will come to the opposite persons face would be worth to see. Can that be a Kodak camera moment for some instance?

My friend even had put some light on the comments part. It would be a motivating factor if I am getting hits and comments on my blog. But at the same time my friend even reminded me the words of Krishna saying in Bhagavad Geeta "Karma kar phal ki iccha mat kar". I would restrict me following this thought only with respect to the blogging. May be I expect from some other things which is worth expecting. But I would seriously expect my friend to be nearby and guide me whenever I desperately require my friend by my side.

With the inspiration to write more it’s me signing off for today.

Moral : It is important to listen what a friend really wants to say.

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Ram Says:
09 Nov 2009 at 17:08:30
Kya hua