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My Sony PRS 505

09 Aug 2009 17:02:23

The day atlast arrived when I experienced my first Ebook Reader gadget in my hands. What a feeling? There will certainly be questions arising what was the feeling all about. This you can only ask someone who is crazy of music and from nowhere he gets hold of an Apple ipod. A higher experience was felt within me when I hold my Sony PRS-505 in my hands for the first time in my life. The day     (6 th August 2009) will surely be etched in my memory for more than one reason. Reason one but obvious for my hands on experience with Sony PR5-505 and the second I met an old friend after a very long time.

The craze for books started somewhere two years back. From then I started to read books very frequently. As I always fantasized myself sitting in between some high end gadgets surrounding me which also triggered me to purchase this marvel.

What is this Marvel?
It is a Sony PRS-505 .
My Sony PRS-505
Felt Sony PRS-505 for the first time in my hands

What is it?
It is an ebook reader.

What is the pricing?
£ 185 / Rs.14800

Why did I purchase this reader,when I had all the options to read a book in my computer or purchase a good hard covered books?
Yes the question sounds quite good. But I couldnt have got the privacy or the touch of a gadget which I can get while holding an ebook reader.
Fiddling with my reader

What is the most striking feature you felt about the reader?
Very simple,handy,elegant,easy navigation through pages,supports many format of the ebooks,light weight and many more .

Whom do I feel like thanking for this?
I really feel like thanking my old friend Mr.Pravin Chandrasekharan for getting me this all the way from United Kingdom. Whenever I read this book this man will surely be remembered and thanked wholeheartedly.
Pravin and Ketan having lunch in RedBox, Bandra

Now I will tell you why I badly wanted this beauty for me. As I said earlier I was bit by a reading bug some couple of years back and I wanted a gadget which will really get me glued me to a place where I can forget all and peacefully get into some good reading. I had even installed a software named Repligo in my mobile 6630 long back but bad omen caught me and the cell phone was stolen in a local train in Mumbai. The phone which I am having doesnt give support for Repligo kind of readers. Then came an idea of grabbing a gadget to fulfil my desire of reading.

I was not knowing about this reader when I was using my 6630 phone as the need was not very desperate. After searching over internet some one and a half years ago about some ebook readers I landed on Sony PRS-500 (But I am owning Sony PRS-505 a new version). I was overly excited to know about the product and I started to search for the outlets where I can see it live. But fate has its own wishes , there was no retail distribution of the gadget in India. My excitement started to reduce and started to fade away as I was not having heavy cash to own one and it was not available in India. But I had kept it in my mind that one day I have to own this beauty in my hands. First prerequisite for that is money and the second is I needed some close people in abroad to get me or I will have to purchase it online. Second prerequisite was not that difficult as I had to purchase it via a friend in abroad or via online shopping. To accomplish the first prerequisite took some 14-15 months. Then I realized as I am having the required cash now I informed my friend and rest is history.

I am still unable to believe myself that I am owning a Sony PRS-505. These days people run behind Ipods,Digital Cameras,Cell Phones, Bike, Car or House. But it is quite strange that I ran behind an ebook reader. Whatever, today I am really proud that I am owning one.

Moral : If you want something wholeheartedly no one can stop you from getting that.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Mahesh B.Shetty Says:
10 Aug 2009 at 14:02:35
U Gadget Freak.....!!!and Jack A__. I got another big reason to meet u as soon as possible.\r\nBy the way so much work for u now onwards.Work List No 1: start collecting lods of Ebooks(u know my likes).\r\n2: Forget u R Buddy for some time(both Ebuddy and Mahesh) .\r\nCongrat's ....not i tell u every time.:)\r\n\r\n
Sandy Says:
13 Oct 2009 at 18:19:53
\r\n Its actually unbelivable to spend so mch on..well..obv a good thing!!..But still...Nice.Real nice..\r\n\r\nLemme contribute..How abt sending ya sum ebooks :) :) ...
Bonny Says:
01 Dec 2009 at 17:25:54
Me a Gadget freak too man ... Nice man its looks awesome ... When u coming to mUmbai ...