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Walk to remember

28 Jun 2009 19:36:59

3rd May 2009 a Sunday can never be forgotten for just one different thing which I did.
What is so special about this day? Nothing special but quite different from the usual day what I live every day.

I woke up at 730hrs for my swimming session. Returned at 845hrs after my swimming session in HDMC swimming pool.I was just thinking what do next. Nothing fruitful was going in my mind. Watched TV in the morning till 930hrs and switched off the TV and just wondered should this day be just vanished in front of the TV. "No" was the big call somewhere within me for the question. I got up with vigour to not just stay indoors like a girl the whole day.I dressed up very casually wearing my favourite denim, my favourite shirt and my first expensive Reebok shoes. In short everything whatever I wore was my favourite. I got out of the room to go anywhere but not to stay back. I don't know where to go but I felt I will go somewhere by tossing the coin. Wow what an idea if you are quite indifferent to do this or that. I tossed the coin on my way to move in the way of Dharwad or go towards Gokul Road. Gokul Road won the toss.

Gokul Road from my camera

I started towards Gokul road and I started walking from 1030hrs onwards. I had a small breakfast in a restaurant in Gokul Road. The breakfast was quite refreshing. Then I figured to return back to my room as it was already 1100hrs. Someone had told me that the Big Bazaar is just nearby, so I treaded towards the same route and caught the Big Bazaar. Shall I touch the airport and check out how far it would be. I moved slowly towards the airport on the same road. Airport just arrived in front of me sharp at 1200hrs. Wow I then realized that if you walk from Hubli on the Gokul road the airport will be just an hour walking journey. I didn’t stop there but I went further and further till I reached the Tahrihal Industrial area. I even thought of calling Harsha or Soorya who stayed somewhere in Tahrihal. How could I call they were not here on that particular day. I reached the bypass to Dharwad and I said to myself "Ketan now return back" .I purchased a bottle of water in a clumsy store in the bypass and had a chilled Fanta.

At last the one way journey was completed and now I returned. I reached back to my room by 1430hrs in the afternoon totally fatigued and with full of sweat. Now the question is what I want to reveal by this whole journey.

The only thing what I wanted to reveal is that the journey on the Gokul road was of total 18KMs. Yes you are right I walked the whole journey alone. This must be the first walk all alone in the bright sunny afternoon. I don’t know what went within me, why did I do such thing risking my health when I am staying all alone in Hubli. Even I was not able to answer the questions which popped later in my mind. In the whole journey the only person who was with me was me myself and Ketan and the other person was Sun who was shining the whole afternoon and giving me full support to walk away my path. It was just giving me the proper motivation. Who told that sun can only burn you and can give you sun burns or sun stroke? But in my case it was my companion who smiled more brightly whenever I looked up towards him in the sky.

Overall only one thing I can say, it was sheer joy to walk alone and you realize in the end you did nothing very great but you certainly enjoyed doing something which is quite unusual.

Moral : Certainly you can enjoy even the most simplest work by treating it in a big way.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Justin Says:
01 Jul 2009 at 12:25:37
\r\n Dear bro, \r\njust an amazing deed by u to walk 18kms. I wonder if i wld b ever b able 2do dat or ny1 frm our family. U r special to all of us coz u aint d same like all. U r different nd dats our real KETAN.
Bonny Says:
01 Dec 2009 at 17:22:01
I Walked 42 kilometers when i was in 6 th std ...Long time back ...Even i should start a blog about that ...