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Raining Domain

23 May 2009 12:45:09

Hello people I am here again to tell something which is quite real and interesting. This ground breaking thing happened on 17 th May 2009 at 0100hrs.What is that thing will be revealed later.

It was an usual day at work with some interesting coding done for my shared white board project. As it was late at my work place I decided to stay back and spend the rest of the night doing something useful for the same white board project which I am involved. But you always get exhausted when you over work yourself beyond certain limit. I decided to have a short break by getting involved in a short video conference with some known friends over Skype. But this short conference elongated to a very loooooong conference which spanned for approximately 5 knowledge sharing hours. Some great people joined the conference, they were Vijay (USA), Pravin(UK), Vivek(INDIA) and Ketan(INDIA). This is the power of video conferencing, people from different part of the world can talk with each other and share their experiences.

We all were quite happy to share our own experience about the webdevelopment, programming and many more stories with each other. Everyone was quite tired talking and some guys took a break for 30 to 60 minutes.Pravin and Vijay left for a small break. Vivek was left alone with with me in the conference.
All of a sudden this guy tells me "Ketan I am going to register my domain".
I was just thinking "This guys will register it". For a single second I never felt that Vivek will change his mind of registering the domain.
The time was 0100hrs and Vivek said "Ketan I have registered my domain name as".
In the meanwhile Vijay came with a big hello saying "Hey guys I am back"
I said jokingly "What should we do if you are back?"
I revealed "Don't disturb Vivek, he has just registered his domain and he is quite busy in discovering his domain"
Vijay was quite happy and exclaimed "Nice man Vivek."
Within some minutes Vijay said "I am also going to register my domain."
In a couple of minutes this guy also registered his domain named as
I felt the only guy who is without the domain is Pravin. What will he do was the next big question.
Pravin came with a bang "What else is going on?"
I said "Vijay and Vivek have registered their domain"
Pravin was joyous and said "That is cool.When did it happen?"
Vijay said "Just now".
Pravin said "How did you do man?"
After discussing for some time he also registered a domain I knew he will do atleast some research and then do it.The same thing happened and he did it and in the end of the long 3 hours hardcore discussion 3 domains were registered.
I just felt somewhere in my mind "Mere dost log Paagal ho gaye hain(My friends have gone crazy)"...But it is always said crazy ideas and crazy doing will stand out.
Here I am obliged to introduce to you my friends:
Take your mouse over the name to see these people
Vijay Emmanuel
Pravin Chandrasekharan
Vivek Bhat
Now you might be asking what is a big deal in registering a domain of your name. Yeah you are right it is no big deal but the decision which was taken one after the other within a span of 3 hours was quite amazing. I assure you guys, within few days they will come up with certainly some amazing features in their website. Till then enjoy.

Ok then see you in the next post.

Moral : Certain decisions has to be made very fast.

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27 May 2009 at 12:43:38
Radhia Says:
26 Jul 2013 at 19:58:50
"Then how do you explain the fact that China is on pace to file more pettnas than the US this year?"There's nothing to explain. # of pettnas doesn't mean much. Likewise, some Chinese universities will turn out PhDs at the rate US universities turn out undergrads. But whats their value? "The after-tax compensation can be significantly better as can the social life and business opportunities."I would argue you give too much credit to this "nightlife" of China (ok Shanghai might be ok for like a week). My experience is that Chinese, culturally, are far more family-oriented and don't really care about nightlife. I've had Chinese roommates and lived around them. They all had 2 kids by the time I was about ready to cut my drinking down to 2 nights a week. Thats why they like living in the US more and aspire to it much more than, I think, you give them credit for. (the big house with the lawn for 4 a Chinese dream)"I would argue that the Chinese are much more resilient and flexible
Archana Says:
29 Jul 2013 at 14:54:22
Colin Mcconn Ie28099m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come acsros a blog thate28099s both educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something which not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. Now i'm very happy I