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Blog Engine Initiated

12 May 2009 20:32:09

I cannot exactly call it as a blog engine. As I have not included many features which will make it qualify for a blog engine. I want to share something with you, the motive behind the introduction of comments section in all my blog pages and poems.
1) I wanted to have some healthy and interesting comments from my web visitors.
2) Somewhere within me a drive got generated to generate server side scripted pages.

There was a small spark within me to create my own personalised blog engine. This spark was given more fire by my friend and this website. My friend as usual was very inspiring in my blog engine creation. Once my friend said why you don’t give a comments section in your blog so that the visitors can express what they want to say about the topic. Those words were one spark which gave the birth to this small blog engine, which in future will grow like a beast.

Even I was reading a blog where it was mentioned writing a "Blog Engine" is like writing a "Hello World" program. The blogger just wanted to say it is just a sheer waste of time. I partially agree when you have lots of readymade blog engines available free in the name of blogger, wordpress which will have all and more features which is required for a prefect blog engine. My point is when you want to learn a new scripting language like PHP or JS the best way would be experiment it by writing your own codes by learning about the codes. That will be the best way to learn new things. My old boss used to say "Get your hands dirty with the concepts when you want le learn new language" in my case it is (PHP).

My experience to create a small blog engine is quite interesting. It was on the 10th May, Sunday 2009; I was working late at night on the previous day to crack multiple conferencing. I will not get into Multiple Conferencing now. I never realized when it was 2am in the morning. I slept in my work place and in the morning woke up at 0700hrs and went to my room. On the way itself I thought I need to get to my room and sit to write the basic blog engine .I reached my room at 0730hrs and then started to think about the database structure and took a deep look at the PHP eBook.

Then at 0900hrs I started to roll myself to write the PHP codes (I was having the basic idea before how to write it. Else it would have taken more time to learn and write PHP scripts).I started from the scratch from db design to page scripts. In the evening by 1930hrs I finished creating the PHP scripts for the pages and database in perfect shape. In the mean time I didn’t get up for lunch or break fast.Once I got up I hogged the dinner like a hungry dog. Now the question is how come I sourced everything so fast. The crux is I kept everything very simple. I didn’t go for any complex scripting or any complex database structure. That is the reason I will say it is not a perfect blog engine but in future it will surely be more powerful with as many features as the readymade blog engines.

I would like to thank my friends for their supports for being as an inspiration for this small try from me.

Moral : Enjoy the scripting.

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Friends comments and suggestions

Vivek Bhat Says:
12 May 2009 at 20:11:28
Man why you did extc when you are so good in programming. Doing Computers would have made you a king by know, that I am sure of.. Destiny :)