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Video Conferencing at midnight

31 Mar 2009 08:33:00

After a long day not so very long day at work I was just about to leave to my room to have a long nap as the next day was Sunday. I am speaking of the day 28 March 2008.I just then stopped and thought of just checking my emails if by mistake someone has emailed me. As usual there was no email from anyone (C'mon why do I expect so much).

I opened Gmail to check if anyone is available at least for chat, I started to chat with some all time online people in Gmail. After some 10 minutes I was just about to leave then an old friend named Pravin (PC/Kodak) and Vivek (Bath/Saand) came online in Gmail. I was happy to see some old friends all of a sudden appearing online in Gmail. The time now would have been approximately 0830hrs. We started to chat with each other. Then someone from us gave an idea of Video conferencing. It really sounded very good.

I and PC logged in to Skype to have a video conferencing and even asked Bath to login to Skype. You see some problem will always come in between some happiness. Bath's system was newly formatted and that man installed three OS (XP, Ubuntu, Open Suse) in his machine which made him highly confused where he has installed Skype(So man use only XP or Vista). Thank god he installed Skype soon after downloading it without any fuss. Then we all started three way conferencing. The funniest part in this video conferencing was that Bath forgot to on his Microphone and for half an hour he was just typing and I and PC were in full swing to pull his leg by telling that his system is of no use ,saand paagal ho gaya hai,tera OS kuch kaam ka nahin hai and many more stuffs. I and PC are afraid of the consequence which will happen when we meet Bath in Pune. I am sure we have annoyed him so much that he will practice all his wrestling on us as he used to in our college days.

We spoke with each other on almost everything which we can think of whether it be of work, girls, gadgets, OS, computers etcetera. I even tried to get Vijay for our discussion but he was busy with skiing. Bath was fully loaded with his three OS installed in his Compaq Laptop; PC was flaunting his new silver MAC. Below is the picture of our conversation which is taken from Bath's Open Suse.

Skype view in Bath OS
I am still surprised how come Bath and PC have become hard time haters of Windows. Our conversation revolved around hating and loving the Windows, MAC and Linux OS. In the end of the conversation it didn’t matter which OS was the best or which browser was more stable and fast, but all that mattered was a small interaction with old friends after a long time and that too for the first time after college. I hope we can have such interaction more frequently in near future. Thanks to Skype as it worked beautifully in Vista, MAC and Open Suse environment without any hiccups. At around 0030 hrs the next day 29 March 2008 Bath said bye as he was having work the same day at 0630 hrs.

PC was also in a mood to say good bye on the day but you don’t know fate has to play some other game. Two more friends joined us in the crease of Skype Anthony (Tony,Pavvala) and Ambarish (Bori R___,Ambya).How come we lose the chance of talking even to these guys. We had a four way conference (ME, PC, Tony, Bori) with each other. Tony was in a weak signal area as he used to say hello and get dropped from the conference. This situation persisted for a small time later it became fine. Now the time would have been around 0130 hrs. With the people like Tony, Bori around we spoke about their work and many other irrelevant stuffs which always happens when we speak with cool friends. And as usual we exchanged lot of unparliamentarily words which was taken sportingly by all the members in the conference. The whole 2 hours conversation was filled with viewing the pictures taken by PC in the Madame Tussad and the Bombay trip. The pics were amazing as I am not getting words to express. In the end we all hanged up at 0330 hrs with the hope that we will meet again over Skype.

Its 0330 hrs I didn't even have my dinner and the lunch which I had taken was meagre. Then I remembered that I had a small packet of sun feast biscuit with me. I had it as my dinner at 0330 hrs. Slept at my work place till 0600 hrs and went back to my home.

Some positives taken from the conversation:
    Still there is the same freshness in our talks.
    We all were eager to listen to each other.
    Waiting aggressively for a chance to pull each other's leg.
    Still hoping that we will meet each other someday to relive some old memorable moments.
    Tony and PC have started to learn French.Now even if they give me bad words in French I will not understand.Ha ha h aha.
    Bath has installed 3 OS(XP,Ubuntu,Open Suse) in a single machine.I am not able to understand what he is going to get by them.But it is really a unique thing to do.I think his all time favourite is Open Suse.
    I hope Bori is maintaining his 'Gaal ko katoon'.

Hey I have to rush see you in the next post.


Moral : Skype Rocks!!! It is always better to catch up some time with old friends which will truly be an amazing experience.

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