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Atlast started Expressing

31 Mar 2009 02:51:00

Blogging might be having many meanings many perceptions and many interpretations...For me I can say it is a form of expressing yourself.
Now the question some one may ask
"Why do you want to express yourself to someone even you don't know?"
My answer would be
"C'mon friend let someone (everyone) know atleast a creature named Ketan lives somewhere in the world who thinks or experiences or feels something which can either be digested or not digested.

I was interested in blogging from long back but I was not having that proper drive within me to do that. I never blogged previously in any of the readymade blogging sites,but I do have account in a couple of sites. I do remember one fine day I was destined to have a wonderful conversation with an intelligent friend of mine who without even saying a word of blogging inspired me to do blogging. I would be honored if I dedicate the pages to that friend of mine.

I have started blogging for more than the reason mentioned above.
  I want to make my web garden huge
  I want to utilize the webspace provided by my vendor to the fullest
  I have loads of time at night to keep myself up as an owl just to give fine tuning to the webpages
  I want to impress people(especially Bombay girls) by my writing [will anyone be impressed is the big question ... ha h ah ah]
  To make sure that I dont forget writing in English
many more...

I will keep the posts limited to my own thinking, own experiences, own views, my hardcore discussions and arguments with a friend of mine and everything etcetra etcetra of own(Am I selfish in this case). I will try not to name the persons especially of girls who may be a part of my blog content. I may even write something of my past childhood experiences. Please dont mind my grammer and the simplicity of the post.

Yeah I will be introducing an automatic email notifier to all of my friends if there is a new entry in my blogs or my website. I don't know how many hits will be there for my website and my blog and I dont even say that I will be getting hits like how Mr.Amitabh Bachan gets or Mr.Aamir Khan gets, but I can ensure that the blogs will surely make you ponder and make you think for a while with a bit of learning experience for your as well. I will be obliged and enthused if you give your genuine comments about me and my blog. I will surely post your comments without your name in my website whenever I upgrade it. You can give your comments in the write to me section. Enjoy reading.

Hurrah atlast I completed my first blog.

See you in next blog.

Only love

Moral : Beginning is very important

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Friends comments and suggestions

Girish Says:
02 Apr 2009 at 02:21:43
Who has inspired you man?I guess a female...Am I right or wrong...\r\n
Dimple Shetty Says:
29 Jun 2009 at 10:47:25
Hey Ketan.. You have become my inspiration to write a blog...!! \r\n
Santhosh Says:
04 Jan 2010 at 00:13:07
Who is that lady who inspired u to write blog????
Ketan Says:
30 Jan 2010 at 20:42:05
@Santhosh : No Girl inspired...
Cyuma Says:
29 Jul 2013 at 12:36:39
LOLThanks Jeff,You never pick the ones to mention of mine, that I would.But I relly atiaecrppe the Honorable Mention.I don't know if it will make you like it less but it's not a tucan, its a hairdo on a blank face (to represent almost any woman)So many great entriesdblade Queen of Heartsheh and I was worried about my Lovers being too suggestive HeadlessGeneral’s “One Eyed Royals” was really awesome concept and rendering of itMartianBlue’s Hellucard is supremely awesome!Tarkabarka’s “Living Card” really strikes a courd with me considering I created Dino Dude this week and been obsessing with himI really want to know how you got all the shading and the red tongue, shite teeth and clasws, green dino and orange stripes these four really tie for 1st to me I love all the sading, and having quite nailed it yet, not where it looks so realisticCongrats Unstable with Royal Flush Saloon Scene taking 1st PlaceIt is a great picI wouldn't have the patience for so many figures the card foregroun