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KetaN SalamoN NadaR

I change for a Change and I dont change for that change


Here you can know many of my personal stuffs like my likes, dislikes and many more.

My loved ones call me : Boon,Ket,Ketu,Geeta and of course Ketan

Favourites                     : I like colours which can reduce your stress.I love to see Sachin Tendulkar play his straight drive and Sourav Ganguly[missing him in the Indian side] hit his trade mark six.Madhavan and Simran are the actors I would love to meet some day in future.I love to eat whatever my mother prepares and I would be wrong if I don't mention my cousin sister's delicious noodles.

Hobbies                          : My hobbies include many things.I love to fiddle with my self created software named Personal Assistant .I always enhance it to make it more rich and user friendly.I love to make changes in my website and keep it fresh everytime for my friends who visit it.I have started to do Yoga and Meditation which teaches me what is the real and the unreal. Nowadays I even read a lot. Click here to go to the books which I have read.

Prized Possessions       : My love Lenovo 3000 N100 Notebook,N 82 phone,Sony PRS-505, Personal Assistant Software ,my Website ,my pool of watches ,my technical books ,my novels and many more to say...

Latest Crush                  : C#.Net,Ajax,Javascript

Life is                            : It rapes you brutally everyday.Still you have to enjoy it.

Love is                          : Love is divine.

Friendship is                 : Friendship is the only bond which keeps you going in life with pleasure.

Personal Thoughts        : Express yourself at every possible moment.You never know when you will repent of not expressing yourself.Be friendly,be a nice person.I try to understand people but I always failed miserably.If I am able to master the virtue of understanding I will never ever lose any of my friends or deals which come across.