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I change for a Change and I dont change for that change


Hello...I am not going to bore you by telling the history of the world (they are not that boring).But here I will be telling you something about the website.

The journey of website creation started somewhere during my engineering days. I couldn't do anything but just admire the websites created by many people around. I did not even know the basics of the websites i.e. how to create, how to launch and many more intricacies which involve in the website development. One day I was just going through my Annual college magazine and I was more than happy to find an article of how to create a website of your own and to launch it free of cost. I was just in the seventh heaven to know that. The article was written by one of my senior to whom I have never met or rather even seen him. His name is Murlidhar Naidu.The spark of creating the website was given more fire by the article which I read that day. All thanks to the man named Murlidhar Naidu.

After knowing the basic how to launch a website free of cost, the next question was how to create it. I did not know any web development language. Then an idea came running in my mind to take help from Computer Science boys or girls from our college. Boys were either busy or were giving some foolish reasons of not helping. Girls were as usual with their tantrums. It is always said someone will surely come for the rescue when you desperately require something. This guy came for the rescue. The guy is my friend Rongsang Sangma.. I was really happy that he was ready to help me create my WebPages. The day arrived when everything was set the ideas, the images and most importantly a computer (Rongsang's computer) to start designing. We both together started to design the pages using Microsoft Front Page. I was providing the required materials and Rongsang was generating the pages. I should really appreciate the patience by which Rongsang cooperated with me in every stage of my first website creation. Then the time arrived when I was successful in creating my first website with six amazing links. It was in the early morning at 0230hrs.My first page was launched somewhere in the month February 2003.All thanks to my friend Rongsang without whom this first website wouldn't have been possible so early and Murlidhar Naidu my senior because of his article.

My first website looked like this.

First Website

I am sure it is really a very cute one.

I was so very much obsessed with my website during my early days that I had even started dedicating my pages to some of my close friends. One such page which I created for a friend who was very close (Sorry I cannot name my friend, I cannot even say whether he/she).Anyways that is a part of a history which was created.

Sometime during last two years I was just wondering that the website which I had created during the college days is supported under the geocities domain. I felt I should have my own website of my own name. Wow what a wonderful thinking but a costly thinking. As you people might know that nothing comes for free. I always fantasized of having my own website of my own name. The day arrived on 7th January 2009 when I registered my domain name and purchased the web space. That doesn't mean I have started to earn in millions, which only indicates the hunger in me for creating my own website.

The beauty and the best part of this version of website is I didn't take help from any one for creating this one. I didn't copy the templates for making the website beautiful. Everything in the website is developed by me. Every inch of the code including the html, JavaScript, CSS and PHP is written after learning about them. I was very much happy to find my website which is still in good shape.

I hope you will enjoy browsing my pages. I will be obliged if you can give me your valuable suggestions.